Saturday, 27 February 2010

The power of worship

In the christian world there has been a lot of teaching about worship being not by words or singing praises to the Lord, but by actions & lifestyle. 
What I want to share is not about that, but the actual power of singing praises, singing truths out loud!
When I was pregnant with Lemmy I had a few scary moments. Well, the first one I'm gonna share is not scary but mainly horrible. One day I woke up with ( I think it was a tummy bug)  extreme nausea, I couldn't eat, or even drink. I don't know how woman can handle nausea and severe vomiting through the whole pregnancy! But thankfully that episode was only a 24 hour one for me, of course I did have some nausea the first trimester but not as severe as those 24 hours. You can give me headaches, even diarrhea but please not nausea! I can't handle that at all! So, the only thing I could do was to worship. Marc put my favorite album at that time : Everlasting God by Brenton Brown. ( little did I know I would hear that album a million times later on!) Peace would flow and somehow I managed to not feel so miserable ( only when the music was on) which I had to have it all day and all night!

The one scary moment was over the summer, when Lemmy was due any moment. We had some very hot days and I couldn't feel Lemmy moving so much. I got scared. We went to the hospital, and as Marc was driving I could only sing : Our God is an awesome God or Dios esta aqui. Peace would flow and I kept on worshiping. I will also worshiped when I was happy, in the shower, etc. Maybe that's why Lemmy loves those songs!

When Lemmy was finally with us, we experienced some non stop crying situations. Sometimes he would calm down with Sir Duck by Stevie :) sometimes by some heavier tunes by Verra Cruz . But, his very favorite one was Brenton. Some days he wouldn't make it to the 2nd song, he would be asleep before the 1st chorus of the 1st song!
It got to the point that we had to take this album wherever we went. Well, in ipods, cd's, anything!-just in case-It was the  one thing that for sure it worked!

As Lemmy is growing, Brenton still does the trick.  But of course we try not to put the cd each time he is crying.

We are very blessed that Lemmy has never really been sick. He had a runny nose once I think, but not a cold, and it only lasted one day. Not a biggy. I had the stomach flu 3 times, Marc once. We took it with us to Spain, which my niece Giselle got it first, then Adriana. Fun times over Christmas! But never Lemmy! He was exposed to so many colds, bad coughs, etc...from family members and us included, but never Lemmy! Not sure if is the fact that he is still breast-feeding, that he is a strong little man, or just lucky ( or blessed)! I'm very thankful for that.
So, when 2 days ago Marc started with a sore throat, and then a cold....Lemmy started with a runny nose. It wasn't too bad. He was fine. Except when night came in, first he couldn't breath while nursing, he got frustrated and didn't want any. Then, after some singing he fell sleep struggling with snotty nose, which was rather new to him. A couple of hours later, he woke up really upset! We couldn't calm him down! First daddy tried, then me.  I sang to him but nothing...until daddy came with the guitar playing Awesome God in his bedroom. Then, we were both worshiping God to the top of our voices, while Lemmy stop crying and then fell sleep. It was a sweet moment.
Sometimes I sing " the song" to do the trick but maybe my heart is not in it. He feels it, maybe he feels I'm nervous or upset that he is not well , or even frustrated that he can't sleep. But, as soon as I chose to worship him with everything, peace flows in. Peace in my being, peace in the room, peace in him, and a good night sleep for all of us.

Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.

Little Lemmy 1 day old.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Sleeping angel

When Marc & I were on our way to bed about midnight, we saw that the lights in Lemmy's room were on! Cheeky monkey!! Meaning, he woke up, turn the lights on and went back to sleep! I couldn't resist to record a little video to remember :)
Notice all the toys in the other side of the cot? We discover that if we put enough toys for him, when he wakes up in the mornings he is busy for 1 hour or more!! Giving mummy and daddy another extra hour!!
Another tip: change the toys weekly!!

Sunday, 21 February 2010


Sunday afternoon. Zoo time!!

Over the summer, we really wanted to take Lemmy to the Zoo for the first time. We have one near our home. About 20 minutes by car. Not too bad. The prices are expensive, especially to go for just 1 day, so We thought about it and decided to become members/friends of the Zoo. It worked out really well for us. We already made our money back for the many times we have been. It's great because now we can just pop in for a nice walk through the Zoo any time we like and hang out for an hour or so, depending of how much time we have.

In the summer we would spend almost the whole day there. Beautiful weather, nice big places for Lemmy to run around and of course see the animals! It was a great outing for all of us.
I really LOVE the Zoo!! I don't know if is because growing up in the city, we only got to go on very rare occasions. It makes me feel like a little kid again. I run to the chimpanzees, and get all excited with my little map following the trails to see what's next!

Lemmy was 12 months old the first time we took him. He liked to see the animals, but mainly he was running around non stop, since he had just started to do that!

Then winter came. Snow, rain, freezing cold weather. That together with Marc finishing the album, We hadn't been for a long while.

This Sunday not only daddy was home, but it was sunny!! well, the day actually started with snow!! But it was super sunny when Lemmy woke up from his nap, so we hurried out before the Zoo closed.
We got there about 3:30. We had until 5. Prioritized!! Lemurs first and chimpanzees second ( my two favorites) and they are also the nearest to the entrance.
This time I was even more excited. Lemmy is now 19 months old. He knows pretty much all the animals from the books we have read. Lemmy's favorites are the giraffes. He has a few giraffes stuffed animals that he likes a lot. So, we couldn't wait to see his reaction when he saw a real giraffe.
And we weren't disappointed. It was the big highlight of the day. He started screaming JIRAFA JIRAFA!!! ( Spanish) And shaking his legs in excitement!!!! It was such a joy to see him! I wish I had my video camera.
It was super muddy, and mummy forgot the wellies. But it was all worthy! Can't wait for the next time!!

Coffee break for daddy

Daddy is finally home!!

Is not that he was completely away, but leaving in the mornings and coming home so late was a bit hard on us.
Life is still busy. Seems like it never stops! But on Saturday, we had daddy all day.
In the morning Marc played with Lemmy while I got a bit of a sleep in. I feel like I haven't got any decent sleep since Marc started with the album! Our only times together was when he got home late, and though we were both so tired we couldn't help ourselves but to stay up late talking and having some time together of our own.
When I got up that morning, Lemmy was so euphoric! Daddy was around. He loves for us to be together. Is amazing as such young age that they can perceive the importance of a family. He kept repeating: papa, mama, Lemmy...and so on.
I noticed a huge cardboard box in the middle of the living room. With the name Lemuel on top and fully cover with colors. They had been busy! It was a little house, with the door and a little window that daddy had created for Lemmy. It was sweet!
Here is a photo. I need to take better ones, but he was so excited running in and out of the little house that all the photos came out blurry.

Friday, 19 February 2010


I'm trying to do a different activity each day, apart from all the usual stuff.
Lemmy misses daddy so much that is a treat to do something new each day.
We put the music really loud and dance around the living room, make Elmo, Hugsy, dogs and gorilla's dance with us too. Our special song is Soul Collides of Verra Cruz. Then, we go nuts! jump as high as we can and bang our heads front and back. Lots of fun!
Hide and seek is a must! Mummy hides in a different room. Donde esta mama?? and he runs to find me. A big BOO when he comes, hugs and kisses too.
Drawing, coloring, magic painting, play dough, lots of reading, puzzles, singing, playing the guitar, piano, and other instruments. All so fun!

Once when I was in youth with a Mission, I heard a speaker say: once a day, you should spend some time with little children, and learn!
Now, I get to do that every day. It is refreshing. Innocence, purity , trusting, loving, genuine, unique.

There's so many examples of how loving and amazing my little boy is. I'm learning so much just by being with him. It humbles me to see how he reacts to things better than me sometimes!
When I'm tired and patience runs thin to the end of the day, I may raise my voice at some point. Lemmy, instead of crying or feeling upset he comes to me and whispers: mama mama, in a very low sweet manner and with a big smile he hugs me! There you go! heart broken! That, to me is incredible. No matter how mean I think I was ( I want to be a perfect mum, but we all know there's no such thing as perfection), he chooses to answer me with love and sweetness. I may have done something right! ;) Honestly, I think is the purity within them at such a young age. We all had it once, untouched by the pain of life.

I feel like in society today children are underestimated. They have been pushed aside. You can see it daily. Have you noticed how filthy many of the play areas are? and the changing/nursing areas for kids?
I'm disgusted to see how little care is taken of the places where our kids play. Broken glass, spit, and dog poo in a public playground?? really??!
Not to mention that the quickest way of spreading a virus is through kids!
I have even noticed this in churches.If I'm honest I have become more aware of this since I have my own son!
Flowers on the tables, spotless bathrooms, new carpets,etc. But where is the care for the children area?
Is it so hard to wash the soft toys? Is it so hard to clean daily the hard toys? the tables? the play area?
I know a bit of dirt is good for children! But I mean grossness beyond control..! mmm
That to me speaks volumes. They are not seen as important.

On Valentine's day while eating our lunch, I notice a family near by. They had a little boy a bit older than Lemmy. The parents were talking, in a very engaging conversation while the boy was looking pretty bored, and doing all kinds of things, being completely ignored. A sad picture. Often people just drop the kids here and there, puts them in front of the TV. And that's it! Don't they have a voice too? Don't they like to be included too?
Anyways...I'm going off now to a completely different subject! Where did all that come from?!

I want to end with this words: But Jesus called the children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."

As for today,

This are some photos of what we did. He knows the colors already in Spanish!!




This way is more exciting mum!


Y ... Verde!

All done!!

Proud :)

He loves puzzles

Valentine's day

Marc has been non stop with his new album! That leaves Lemmy and mummy at home most of the time. We live in England. Is winter. Cold , wet, grey, snowy...can't be bother to leave the house!
Lemmy loves playing with mummy. Meaning, he won't let me sit by the computer ( understandable! ) or do the dishes, or do anything that takes my time away from time with him!
Maybe I'm a bit of a push over when it comes to my son, but I can't resist him! I have to walk away from the dishes or the computer, and play with him.
Sacrifice a spotless home vs lots of fun with Lemmy!? I don't have to think twice!
What happens then is that when weekends arrive, we have lots to get done! Grocery shopping, cleaning, errands to run, etc!
Time is so limited! And of course we want to have fun the three of us in the mist of all!
Valentine's weekend came along and what a great excuse to blow all the other stuff off and just enjoyed ourselves!
Lemmy was so happy to see us together again, he kept saying: papa, mama, lemmy, papa, mama, Lemmy with a huge smile on his face and giggles :)

Mummy started the day with a big sleep in while daddy had a great time with Lemmy all morning. Croissants in the oven and fresh cut fruit waited for me. Our favorites for a special day. Presents in bed. Hugs and kisses from my two loves. A good way of starting the day! Can we do that everyday? he he
Lemmy woke up so early ( to spend more time with daddy I'm sure!) that his nap came earlier than usual.
It was such a blessing to cuddle up in the couch and have some deserved time together while our little prince sleep away ( about 3 hours!)
We had a late lunch in a very lovely pub in the country side, Lemmy's first restaurant meal. Roast turkey and steam veggies. Loved it! He was a very good boy! He enjoys so much to be out and about. We had lots of giggles taking photos afterwards.
Our day seemed so short! But was great fun.
Of course it didn't finished just then for us ;)

Friday, 12 February 2010

missing daddy

Since day 1 we will hold Lemmy as much as we could and watch his every move!
A wonder. The best gift. Lots of firsts. We didn't want to miss a thing!
Lemmy will be awake in his moses basket, doing all those little cute noises, observing everything, and be quite happy. Just hanging out. When he was getting sleepy he will just cry a bit and of course we pick him up. I treasure all those moments of cuddling, letting him sleep in my chest or Marc's. Precious moments that will never come back.
Those first months I was actually getting more sleep with him around that when he was in my belly! Such a strong kicker!
He will sleep through the night at only weeks old. From 11 to 7 am. Some days slept in until 9 or 10! Which I had to wake him up before my boobs exploded! Sometimes he will wake up from pain, or who knows what? We always picked him up and comfort him.
Mornings came and I couldn't wait to hold him again!

We did went through a rough patch though when he hit 5 months. What happened? I believe it was mainly our fault with not keeping a regular napping & sleeping times.
We tried everything that we felt it was right for him and nothing helped. Read tons of books, websites, research, got advises..etc.. pray.

Finally, we find that the one thing that did help-which I got from one bad book-was that we needed to help him have regular naps and an early night. Duh!
Mainly, to follow him. To read and know the signs when he gets sleepy..etc..another duh!
Since then, we started to have great nights again, and the ocasional not so great ones.

Even now, Lemmy, who is 19 months old, sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night. Not as before, thankfully! But with a reason: A huge burp, a huge fart, tummy aches, cold, wet...or just needed a cuddle.

When they are little they communicate with crying. They can't express with words yet, and that's the only way for them to tell us that something is not right.
Now, Lemmy is starting to speak. So, he just says: agua when he is thirsty. Or cry if he doesn't know how to express what's wrong. We comfort him. ( this is during the middle of the night) During the day, he clearly comunicates what he wants or needs!

Marc has been a full time dad since day 1! Since he is self employe and a musician he spends lots of time with Lemmy. And they both adore each other. Their bond is strong. I love seeing them together!
When Marc has to go away for a couple of days, is a bit hard on Lemmy. When he was a baby, he will refused to sleep on his cot and wanted to be in bed with me. Then Marc comes home, and he is back happy in his cot.
After many months home with daddy. Suddenly he has to record an album. A very difficult one cause all the songs are new, meaning the process is sloooow.
Poor little Lemmy! He misses his daddy soo much!
First he will ask for Marc's videos on youtube. He watches it over and over and over. Asks for papa thousand times a day. Calls him on my mobile phone- not sure how!- and even leaves him messages!! yes! clever little boy!
He asks for daddy's song before bed, and before naps. Fells sleeps with Guns in the distance or storm will come ( the only tunes i have of him in my phone). note: I need to put more!
Well, is hard on all of us.
Marc leaves in the morning and comes home really late at night. So, lately Lemmy has been waking up about 4 am, 5 am, or 6 am just to hung out with daddy!!
At first I got so upset because Marc is so tired that he lies down on bed and then he fells sleep with Lemmy on his chest. I don't want him to disrupt his sleep now, he is almost 2! But Marc was telling me, Vero, he will grip his hands so strong on my neck. He wouldn't let me put him down. And to be honest, I miss him so much, I wanted to be with him.
Lemmy needed his daddy. He misses him too, and who knows what's going on in his little mind of him when he doesn't see his daddy as often as before? He needs the assurance, the love, the closeness. And if he can't get it during the normal awake times so then let it be at 4 am! and sleep until 7 on daddy's chest!

Life is short. This moments are not coming back. I don't regret having my son sleeping on my chest for 8 hours one afternoon! or holding him after a bad dream for how long he needs it. One day we wont be here. One day he will be a grown up. One day he won't need me to rock him or whisper songs to his ears. One day life may be busier than today. Carpe diem he he .I treasure every second I have with him. We both do. And as cheesy as it sounds, I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Lemmy in Spain, while Marc was back in the UK for 6 days recording the album.

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