Monday, 29 July 2013

Beach day!!

19 of July

England in the summer is pretty interesting to say the least. The weather changes all the time. I feel like I'm waiting for the summer to arrive for ever…
Finally for a few days, a heat weave came over! It was lovely! We had days of pool, days of doing nothing under the sun, ice creams, park, melting, flip flops, late nights, church in the park, pic nicks..and so on!
I love the air on those summer days, I love the summer nights, I love the sweet breeze brushing on my skin while sitting under the shadow of a tree. I just love a hot summer day. It was wonderful. I don't want it to end. I'm writing while the rain is coming down.
Summers are usually one of the busiest time for us, regarding work. We still haven't made any plans for a proper family holiday. Last year we didn't have any as I was as sick as a dog ( pregnant and pukey) This year we have been juggling lots of things, including a new baby who is pretty much attached to me literally. On friday my husband say: Let's go to the beach!
Sat nav says it will take about 2 hours and 13 minutes. Road trip!
I could write so much about my little Lainey. She doesn't like to be in the car too much. So, we were a bit concerned. We went on her nap time, she slept for 2 hours, and then the crying began…we stop, fed her and then we had to continue. She really likes to be out and about.

Even though it was so hot at home, by the beach it was windy and a bit chilli ( for me and the kids). Perfect weather for Marc! It was a beautiful place. Lemmy had a great time. Lainey not so much…she was frustrated that she couldn't eat every stone she grabbed, the wind was a bit much. She did like the feel of sand and the water. Im sure she would love a tropical beach and the english ones when she is older.

We went to the amusements store for Lemmy later on, he won a dinosaur. We finished the day with fish and chips, a must do. On the way home both kids slept. Lainey woke up 7 minutes before we arrived crying….sigh. She was confused when we got home ( about 11ish) and wanted to crawl and play for the next 2 hours…

We weren't able to take that many photos, here are a few. Hope we can go back for a longer stay. 

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