Friday, 28 May 2010


One thing that is so contagious is when somebody radiates joy or laughter.
And there's nothing so fresh and energising as when a baby or a toddler laughs or giggles! Even a smile can go a long way!
I love how Lemmy wants me to laugh! He likes to tickle me and Marc, he does the best raspberries on my tummy and cracks up!
This weekend we enjoyed lots of time outside. We have to make the most of it when the sun is out in England! We never know when those clouds will come back again!
It was so fun for Lemmy. We went to different parks, we saw friends, we ran around and laughed together and it was an amazing time as a family!
Lemmy is so sociable and loves to be with people. He has always been so sweet to other kids and it has been a real joy for us to see.
If a baby or kid is crying, he goes to them and says : No pasa nada nene ( Is ok boy or is ok girl)
On Saturday I went to the nearest mall to get his feet measured and get him some summer sandals. In one of the shops there was a little girl ( about the same age as Lemmy) crying really loud. I heard her but I was busy looking at kids sunglasses for Lemmy. Lemmy was on my side going: ohhhh noooo, ohhh nooo. No pasa nada nena, I heard him said. I looked and Lemmy had a little concerned look on his face, so he approached the girl. By this point I was following him. The girl stop crying instantly. Lemmy say : hola! , and waved goodbye when he knew she was ok. The girl was pretty amused by then!
He smiles at the cashiers, winks, and makes cute little faces, brighten their day! People stop to look at Lemmy and smiles back or waves. Lemmy waves to people passing by and just charms his way through life.
I can learn so much from this little guy! So pure and innocent, so full of love and life. So many laughs and giggles. So much to give and he never holds back! I need to be more like that.
Is funny, I can remember being 5 years old and with my friend we used to tickle each other and laughed so much that it hurt. But we kept on going just to laugh. But now, sometimes I ask Marc to stop tickling me cause it's starting to hurt. Funny how we are when we grow up. I need to laugh more ( definitely Lemmy helps me in that area!) to smile more into life. And maybe even until it begins to hurt.

Photos taken by mummy at the Park.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Counting blessings....

136. The hottest weekend in England so far!
137. BBQ with friends, enjoying the lovely weather.
138. Buying Lemmy his own vacuum cleaner ( perfect gift!)
139. Lemmy's joy
140. Loving the late sunsets
141. Picnics in the Park
142. Seeing Lemmy making new friends at the park and playing for a looong time with them!
143. The cool breeze on a hot summer day
144. Feeling my skin getting hot under the sun
145. Good times with my little family :)
146. How Lemmy makes me laugh!

Photos of Lemmy with his good friend Ella.

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Monday, 17 May 2010

Sweet moments/Momentos dulces

17th of May

Two nights ago, it was one of those nights. Lemmy was unsettled, he kept waking up. He actually told me : owie pansa. His tummy was hurting and when I picked him up, I could hear his belly rumbling around. Lots of gas later, he fell sleep.
He wanted to be held, or in our bed. I wonder if it is the smell of our bodies in the sheets that soothes him? But as soon as I put him on our bed,  he instantly goes to sleep.
It was about 2am when we heard him again. Marc and I were so tired that we gave in and just brought Lemmy into our bed ( When we usually put him back into his cot )
At one moment, he was cuddling with me. I could feel his tiny little hand holding me, and his sweet breathing on my shirt. I thought to myself, I need to savour this moment and I did. I breathed in the sweetness of his yet soft baby hair. I caressed gently the smoothness of his hands and I felt peaceful and full of love inside. I was soaking in those precious moments, so unique, and so beautiful. Holding my 22 months old baby, just priceless.

There's so many things to accomplish in one day. People are rushing around the streets. Working parents making ends meet. Seems like there is not enough hours or even minutes in one day to do all that we want to do. I say, stop for a moment and breathe in the sweetness, the stillness of what you have in front of you. It can be something simple like the smell of a flower, the fragrance of a newborn, the wetness of the first kisses from your son, the cuddly dog or cat you have around the house, the warmness of the sun coming through the window, the smells of fresh clean laundry, the hot water running into a nice bubble bath....whatever it may be, enjoy the little things! Don't let the time pass by you without taking the time to look into the little things of today.
God loves us and he has many surprises each day for us.

Dos noches atras, fue una de "esas noches". Lemmy se desperto muchas veces, muy enojado. Me decia que le dolia la pansa. Cada vez que lo levantaba, podia escuchar los ruiditos de su barriga. Despues de pasar muchos gasesitos, lograba dormirse.

Queria estar con nosotros, o en nuestra cama. Me pregunto si es el olor de nuestros cuerpos impregnado en las sabanas lo que lo calmaban? Al instante que lo acostabamos en nuestra cama, se dormia!
Eran las 2 de la manana cuando de nuevo escuchamos: mamaaaa, papaaaa. Estabamos tan cansados que Marc trajo a Lemmy a nuestra cama. Hacia mucho que no dormia con nosotros! Siempre lo pasamos a su cuna.
En un momento, estaba abrazandome. Sentia sus manitas pequenitas, y su dulce respiracion en mi remera. En ese instante pense, necesito savorear este momento y asi lo hice. Respire profundamente la dulzura de sus cabellos suaves todavia de bebe. Le acaricie suavemente la suavidad de sus manitos y senti paz y amor puro dentro mio. Absorvia esos preciosos momentos, tan unicos, y hermosos. Teniendo en brazos a mi bebe de 22 meses, algo sin precio.

Hay tantas cosas que hacer en un dia. Gente camina apurada por las calles de la ciudad. Padres trabajando para llegar a fin de mes. Pareceria que no hay horas suficientes, ni minutos en un dia para  hacer todas las cosas que nos gustaria. 
Yo digo, paren por un momento y respiren la dulzura que se nos presenta al frente nuestro. Puede ser algo simple como la fragancia de una flor, el olorcito de un recien nacido, los primeros besitos mojados que tu hijo te da, tu mascota que anda por la casa, la tibieza del sol entrando por la ventana, el olor tan rico de la ropa limpia, un bano de agua bien caliente.....lo que sea, pero disfruta de esas pequenas cosas que da la vida! No dejes pasar el tiempo sin parar por un momento a apreciar y a ver las pequenas cosas que te trae el dia de hoy.
Dios nos ama y tiene muchas sorpresas para nosotros todos los dias. Hay que abrir los ojos! :)

Mum's group

Marc and I were talking about Lemmy and how we long for the very best in his life. One of our biggest desires is for him to know the love of our Father God.
We pray daily for every aspect of his life but we desire for more.

A few days ago I got a text from a friend. She told me that she was starting a group for mum's. A get together to pray for our kids or whatever the Holy Spirit leads. She asked me if I wanted to join in and to bring Lemmy along. I got excited right away and I was really looking forward to it!

We started this monday. It's actually such a nice way to start off the week. We hung out a bit and chatted a little over a cup of tea while our kids played away with all of Evy's toys! -Thank you Evy for sharing so kindly!-
Lemmy felt at home right away, he has always enjoy going to friend's houses, or new places. He loves people so he had a great time.

This days I feel so tired sometimes from lack of sleep that, if I'm in one of those quite prayer meetings, I will probably fall asleep! ( well, maybe!) So, for me it was refreshing to have all the kids around, playing, interacting, eating, and just being themselves!
Good times! :)

"For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." Matthew 18:20.

We could just get on with our lives as it comes. But I want something more. I know the power of prayer is so important.
Not to settle in the place where we are but to always thrive for the highest ways of the Lord.
For our lives to be meaningful, for our lives to make a difference. To love, to laugh, to run, to dance, to live in the fullness.
Because when we get closer to our creator, we discover a brand new world. I want my son to live in that  world. To love freely,  to live freely as we are meant to be. 

Counting blessings....

121. More bluebells in a different wood area
122. Lemmy can pretty much say anything in Spanish and English!
123. The pretty yellow fields ( oilseed rape)
124. A new passion arising.
125. New babies coming to the world.
126. New babies forming.
127. New beginnings.
128. Prayer with other mums this morning.
129. The excitement of new friendships.
130. Lemmy playing so well with his cousins.
131. A good weekend with friends and family.
132. My husband is 35 years old!
133. A nice drive to Cambridge
134. Cherry Blossoms
135. Lemmy having fun with mummy's sunglasses, super cute!

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Monday, 10 May 2010

Counting blessings....

I almost forgot my list this week....

111.  The smell of clean fresh laundry
112. A walk in the woods, filled with bluebells ( The first time for me to see them! )
113. Lemmy's sweet face while counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 before he throw sticks with daddy.
114. Watching Marc play with Lemmy.
115. I really enjoyed watching a good, inspiring film .
116. My mum arrived safely at my sister's home.
117. Seeing my mum via Skype more often now!
118. How Lemmy remembers people's names even after he only met them once, and how randomly he asks to see some of our friends that we also saw days, weeks or sometimes months ago!
119. How friendly, and loving Lemmy is with little babies, kids and people in general.
120. Raw garlic.

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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Magical woods

Since I came in the autumn of 1999 to England I heard about the bluebells. Around May the woods are covered with these beautiful flowers making the whole place look magical.
For one reason or another, I have managed to miss all the chances to see them in May of every year!
Just today my little family took a walk into the woods near home, which is a really nice place that Marc discovered not long ago. It was covered with little bluebells everywhere! It felt like we were in an enchanted wood out of the pages from a children's story book. It felt magical. I took as many photos as I could. Lemmy was so excited. Not so much about the flowers, but about running around through the many paths and finding pines, rocks, sticks, and well, what little boys enjoy!

Here are some of the photos of our day.

The Lord is my Shepherd

I was in my bed ready to sleep when I told my sister that I wanted to follow Jesus as she did. I was 8 years old at the time. She prayed with me that night and joy filled me. 
After that big event my sister explained to me that God is our father, and also a friend.
She bought me a bible and gave me a new journal, and told me that for me to know my new friend, I needed to read more about him, also to talk daily with him. After much talking, she said I could write about my walk with God in a journal. So I did.
The first thing I read in my new turquoise bible ( as probably lots of other kids did as well!) Was: The Lord is my Shepherd.

Now I'm 35 years old, and Psalm 23 always brings comfort to me, no matter what I'm going through or whatever the circumstances around me are. When things feel shaken and dark, I look at those words, let them sink in, chew on them and suddenly I'm a little girl running through the pastures, feeling the calmness of the river passing by, looking for my dad. To love me, to hold me, to dry the tears and tell me that with him at my side I'm never alone. He never fails.

As a mother now, I want my son to know our father as well. Just a few days ago I thought to tell him the story of the sheep being looked after by a shepherd. He was very enthusiastic!
One sheep got lost, and the shepherd needed to find the little lost sheep. Lemmy looked concerned at this part. When the sheep was finally found and was so happy to return home, Lemmy was jumping for joy! It was such a delight to see! I can see so much love in his heart, so much of God already within him. Forming him. Shaping him to who he may become.

We finished with something fun, as to glue cotton balls into the sheep, coloured them some ( he is not too into the colouring yet) and this are some of the photos of our morning.

2nd of May 2010

23:1 The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

23:2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

23:3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

23:4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

23:5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

23:6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Counting blessings....

And the list goes on...

101. Te amo mama- Lemmy
102. Good morning mama!!!!- Lemmy
103. Seeing friends over the weekend
104. Good news
105. Marc's 98 year old nanna will be out of hospital soon.
106. The power of prayer
107. Lemmy's sweet smiles
108. Haircut way overdue!
109. Lemmy is 22 months old!!
110. Marc getting a few worship gigs.

The photos were taken on the 1st of May.

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