Monday, 29 July 2013

Beach day!!

19 of July

England in the summer is pretty interesting to say the least. The weather changes all the time. I feel like I'm waiting for the summer to arrive for ever…
Finally for a few days, a heat weave came over! It was lovely! We had days of pool, days of doing nothing under the sun, ice creams, park, melting, flip flops, late nights, church in the park, pic nicks..and so on!
I love the air on those summer days, I love the summer nights, I love the sweet breeze brushing on my skin while sitting under the shadow of a tree. I just love a hot summer day. It was wonderful. I don't want it to end. I'm writing while the rain is coming down.
Summers are usually one of the busiest time for us, regarding work. We still haven't made any plans for a proper family holiday. Last year we didn't have any as I was as sick as a dog ( pregnant and pukey) This year we have been juggling lots of things, including a new baby who is pretty much attached to me literally. On friday my husband say: Let's go to the beach!
Sat nav says it will take about 2 hours and 13 minutes. Road trip!
I could write so much about my little Lainey. She doesn't like to be in the car too much. So, we were a bit concerned. We went on her nap time, she slept for 2 hours, and then the crying began…we stop, fed her and then we had to continue. She really likes to be out and about.

Even though it was so hot at home, by the beach it was windy and a bit chilli ( for me and the kids). Perfect weather for Marc! It was a beautiful place. Lemmy had a great time. Lainey not so much…she was frustrated that she couldn't eat every stone she grabbed, the wind was a bit much. She did like the feel of sand and the water. Im sure she would love a tropical beach and the english ones when she is older.

We went to the amusements store for Lemmy later on, he won a dinosaur. We finished the day with fish and chips, a must do. On the way home both kids slept. Lainey woke up 7 minutes before we arrived crying….sigh. She was confused when we got home ( about 11ish) and wanted to crawl and play for the next 2 hours…

We weren't able to take that many photos, here are a few. Hope we can go back for a longer stay. 

Saturday, 18 May 2013

bluebells - Portrait Photographer Bedford-

 I used to live in a beautiful place in Harpenden, where once a year in a forest near by, the bluebells would show up creating a mantel of blue. Funnily enough for the first 4 years I never saw them! Once I discovered them, I would go up every year and take some photos of the beautiful view.

We live a bit far from there now, but we found a gorgeous place near home covered with lovely bluebells, the pathways, the colours, everything seems utterly from a magical world.
The first time we went to check them up, it was a super windy day and I took only a few photos as we looked around.

On the 13 of May, it was my husbands birthday, and he wanted to go back as well as me to take more photos! The day was cloudy, raining as well as windy! But, we managed a few photos.

Marc loves the nature, loves to walk with Lemmy and they play so well, imagining they are chasing dragons, looking for treasures and so on. Into the wild. Lainey loves to be out and about, she likes to touch and feel the flowers, she observes her every surounding and tries to lick the wind.

There's something about nature that refreshes your being, your soul. Seeing what has been made brings us into a real connection with the maker.

Good times!

    She did not stop chatting away!!

      My cheeky piglet!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!!!!!

 About to head home before we get all wet,  Marc took a few photos of me with my girl by the car park.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

My 4 year old

I tend to procrastinate for many reasons. When it comes to writing, I always end up with so much that then, it takes me longer to post anything. There's a few drafts waiting…so, for the moment I thought I would share some photos I took the other day.

I don't remember when was the day that suddenly my boy started to cover his face for photographs, running away from the camera or being super silly. He used to love it, he used to ask me : I made a tower, take a photo mummy, I made a poo, take a photo mummy and I did! Sometimes he still asks me to take photos of an angry bird, another bigger tower, a drawing... but not so much with him in it :(. I do love natural photos of daily things that I want to remember, only now and then I have a few more formal ones, but I do tend to love the sponteneous ones better, they carry so much emotion, so much life.
Since Lainey was born, I had a new model to go crazy with photos without holding back, without a hand in front of the face! So, guess what?  I started to hear : mummy, can I be in the photo? can you take a photo of me now? and so I did! Those moments don't usually last more than a few minutes, so I need to make the most of it!

My wonderful sweet 4 year old boy, almost 5! I adore you every day more and more. You surprise me daily. Now, we can sit and talk, you have so many questions, you are searching, learning new things, wanting to grow. In the mist of all the questions about Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, there's so many things we don't have yet the answers for, and so we say I don't know, then you said as a matter of fact : God is the biggest mistery of it all. And there you have your answer. You are full of jumping beans inside of you! SO much energy all day long! You get excited for so many things, small and big. Today you were jumping up and down because mummy made you an ice cream ( frozen bananas, a bit of milk and a pintch of cinammon) mmm this is soo delicious!! Mummy, this is the best ice cream ever! wow, I can eat it for ever and ever, I can't stop making the sounds mmm mmm mmm…it's impossible tasty..and so on and on!
It made me so happy to see him soo happy. He is so thankful for everything. He is quick to forgive, quick to extend grace, quick to say : Don't worry mummy, it was an accident ( if I drop something in the floor and I got a bit upset ) He enjoys life, he lives it to the full. He is so thoughtful, he picks flowers on the way to the park for me, he says things like : if that flower was turquise (my fav colour) then I will give it to you mummy. He loves to be silly and make silly jokes. He adores and looks after his baby sister like no one I ever known! It's almost as if he has the best of Marc and the best of me….yes, ok, nobody is perfect but this entry it's all about him. My first son, who came into my life as a beautiful gift from above and I treasure him daily. I could write and write so much about him, so many things I don't ever want to forget, the days pass and I realise that I already forgot the clever comment he made the other day or the amazing words he spoke about me. Yes, I forget, and I don't carry a note book around the house, maybe I should?!

Ok, Here is Lemmy. 2nd of May being himself!

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