Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Counting blessings....

Another week has passed by!! Again I ended up with tuesday blessings instead! he he

222- My mum extended her stayed with us! yuuuupiiiii!!!!
223- Had a lovely newborn photo shoot.
224- Cuddles with Noah
225- Bed cuddles with Marc & Lemmy
226- Sleeping in a lot, while my mum looks after Lemmy in the mornings.
227- Going to lots of dates with Marc!
228- Got to see 3 films at the cinema already!
229- Dinner out with the love of my life
230- Romantic walks that ended in the swings ( ironically!)
231- A boy who amazes me every day with his actions, love, heart and soul
232- I got my website finally!
233- Lots of yummy foods by my mum
234- Watching a film in the comforts of home while is raining outside
235- The water fountain in town who Lemmy loves to watch
236- All the excitement of Lemmy opening birthday presents!
237- The little things that makes Lemmy laugh!
238- How helpful Lemmy is.
239- I finally made it to the mum's prayer meeting this morning!
240- Unexpected gifts by Marc :)

Some photos I took of Lemmy wearing this t-shirt that I got him for his birthday party, but due to the weather being super hot, he couldn't wear it! ( 18th of July)
For the full set and other photos, check my page in facebook: Veronica James photography :)

Lemmy & Daddy at the park ( 15 of July)

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Marc's blog

Here is a link to my husband's new blog!! Worth to check it out! He has lots to share!

Marc's blog

Monday, 19 July 2010

iheartfaces-over my head-

iheartfaces weekly challenge- over my head-

My son who just turned 2, was goofing around with my sunglasses!

Saturday, 17 July 2010


Since I was a little girl I have always been in love with photos. My mum as disorganize as she is, kept photos all around the house, as also my dad always enjoyed taking photos. I used to go around the house, to every cupboard, to every closet, looking for those slides or old family photos, albums, anything that I could look at and take me back to the time where my parents met, to the black and white photos of their wedding day, to the time my sisters were figthing over a spade at the beach, to the day of my baptism, to any day that could tell me a little bit of my life and where I came from. I guess I was peculiar that way, but I always loved looking at old photos, even of people I never met.

Growing up in Argentina, with the inflation going up and down as it pleases, not every kid had a camera growing up. My dad got me my first one when I was 12 years old. A yellow Kodak one. I was so proud my dad trusted me with one. Even though it was probably a cheap one! ha ha
I took it for the first time on a school trip to Tandil.
I always remember the words my dad said when he saw the photos I took, after developing them. Veronica, you take good photos, you have a good eye. That stuck with me through the years. It was the year before my dad passed away.

My husband,family and friends often make fun how obssesed I can get when it comes to photos. It's easy to be dissapointed too, when you seek for perfection. But, I won't get into that now.

All that to say that I'm going to pursuit my old time dream. I got my first entry level SRL over 1 year ago, a present from Marc ( who also introduced me to my first ever digital camera when we were dating)  and since then I think I have learned a lot! I'm still learning and is a very exciting ride for me!

I love capturing the moments, the expressions, the love, the soul of a person. I started with my own son who I adore and now to spread my wings to begin to capture others as well. It's my passion to see the beauty around, to be able to capture it as I see it and to give that as a gift to others, to me it's priceless.

At the moment, I just opened a facebook page, so you can check the photos I would be taking as the sessions are increasing...., other than just my family photos as I put in my regular facebook.

Have a look and follow my journey! Veronica James Photography


We had a birthday party for Lemmy on the 10th of July. All morning he was singing to himself : Happy Birthday to youuuu, Happy Birthday to youuuu! It was the cutest thing ever! He knew what was coming..

For Lemmy the day went perfectly, he had lots and lots of fun! 
For us, it started in the wrong foot! 

You see, I had been planning this party for a long time. Lemmy loves pocoyo ( a spanish cartoon) thanks to my sister Adriana who introduce him to it while staying in her place over the Christmas Holiday. 
So, I thought for his 2nd birthday I would make it a Pocoyo theme! I was excited! I love planning birthday parties for my boy. 
The first thing I did,  look for the exact cake I wanted, with the Pocoyo characters on them. There were tons of photos over the internet but none that looked exactly like the characters. They all seemed fake. 
After much search, at last I found it! The woman who made the cake, even posted all the photos, of each character in flickr, so you could learn how to do them. 
Marc contacted his friend, who made Lemmy's 1st birthday cake (which was exactly as we ordered it!) and sent the photos of the cake we wanted. Done! phew! 

Favours done ( my favourite part!), got decorations with Pocoyo , done!...etc..

So, the day came when Marc had to go and pick the cake up. When he arrived, the man told him: It's not exactly what you asked for. oh oh! I bet Marc's first thought was: Veronica is not gonna be happy!
Marc left, and was given a ticket and then found out his MOT was expired, which meant he couldn't be driving the car!
When he arrived home, he realised the cake had fallen apart. ( I think the guy made the cake in a rush, and it was too fresh, and that's the reason it fell apart) 
So, imagine how we all felt! Time was tight. We moved on! We needed to get to the venue to get everything ready on time! 
We did it! :) thanks to some friends who came earlier. And the party started! 

Lemmy was happy to see pocoyo and Elly on the cake, even though it was far from perfect. He loved the bouncy castle, and to see so many of his friends together all at once!
For snacks, there was Lemmy's favourite things,  rice crackers, raisins, cheese, juices and fruit! What else he could ask for!? The party was about him, to celebrate him ; and all that surrounded him was for him to have the best day ever...and he did!! 

Here are a few photos of the day :) 

My big boy of 2!

Arrival at the party ( just woken up from a nap)

Favours for kiddies

Favours for adults

The lonely pinata while setting things up  

Pinata time!  

Boys and little stones....

Getting harder to take family photos this days!  

....and the party is over! 

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Counting blessings....

 I have been busy so my monday blessings is more like a tuesday blessing!

212- Going to grandpa's for more presents for Lemmy
213- Lemmy loves watering the plants
214- A nice meal with grandpa
215- Lemmy's 2nd birthday party!
216- Lemmy had lots of fun on his party
217- Lemmy singing :" happy birthday to you" to himself!
218- Hearing Lemmy talking on his sleep : piedrita ( little stone), Jirafa and Vaquita de San Antonio!
219-  Having my mum around!
220- Watching my son following Abu around
221- Incredible tasty meals by Marc & Abu
222- Another date with Marc
223- Lots of hugs and besitos from Lemmy
224- Spain won the world cup!
225- Lemmy got lots of presents!
226- The car pass the MOT :)

Photos taken July 7th on Grandpa's house.

The little dot on his nose is a left over scratch!

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