Thursday, 3 December 2009

First time into town walking with Lemmy

Our lift is not working again. Very annoying! Specially with a 17 months old baby who loves to run around!
I finally felt better to go out for a bit and since I needed to get some things in town, I got Lemmy & myself all ready and warm to go out. He hasn't been in his buggy for a long time so he was quite excited! All to come to the elevator and find it broken again!
Sadly we had to leave buggy inside, with a not very happy Lemmy. He kept saying : mama, este! mama, Este! Pointing to the door.
After a few minutes of convincing him to go out walking instead, we adventure into town for the first time!
I paid the consequences today as my neck and back are hurting from carrying my heavy bag and sometimes Lemmy. But we had lots of fun!
He loves chasing the pigeons, and see them fly away when he gets near. He loves the toy stores, and plays with everything that is within his reach, without wanting to have it! - probably will come soon!- And mummy got him his first skateboard for his 17 months old birthday!
It was a bit hard at times to jiggle lots of things at once but we did it!
He was upset to leave but we had been out for 3 hours and lunch time was way overdue!
Had lunch at home, his favorites: avocado. Palta and banana and went for a nap, which lasted almost until 6! He was a very tired boy!
Over all we both enjoyed it and would do it again!

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