Monday, 27 September 2010

Counting blessings....

336- My mum and sister arrived safely into Spain
337- Lemmy cheers me up!
338- When I was crying in the car after saying goodbye to my mum & sister,  I hear Lemmy saying from the back seat : Is ok mummy, is OK.
339- Lots of laundry done
340- New phones for Marc & Me :)
341- Lots of fun with Lemmy
342- Painting time with Lemmy
343- Watching Cars with Lemmy
344- My new business cards arrived
345- A lovely sunny day for a photo session
346- Very pleased with the results of the engagements photos
347- Lemmy having a great time with Zeek
348- Long talks before bed ( with Lemmy)
349- A nice Snooze in the couch ( fell sleep while watching friends) with Marc

Little friends ( At ywam celebration)

My little artist

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Bed time

26 de Septiembre, 2010

I don't remember when it actually started, but we got into the routine of me and Lemmy cuddling and telling each other things of the day right after the bed time routine is over. It soon became one of my favourite parts of the day.
Dinner done, bath time done, teeth done, story time with daddy and mummy or one of us, etc.
Usually he likes to listen to music before bed, and goes straight to sleep. Most of the time, we do the above. Cuddling and sharing our stories. I love how he not just tells me things from that day but also things he did or saw long time ago. Precious little one!

Tonight was a loong bed time. He was so chirpy, and excited and happy that he couldn't settle easily.
I wanted to write these things now, cause I don't want to forget. Some of the things that Lemmy said to prolong his bed time. ( This took place after bed time routine )

Lemmy: Vamos alla, mama? ( Let's go over there, mum?) - meaning: living room.
Mum: No, Lemmy is time to sleep now.

Lemmy goes inside the bedding and pretends he is sleep, then suddenly takes the cover off and says loudly: Lemmy se desperto! ( Lemmy just woke up!) -you got to love him!-

Lemmy: awww, galletita? ( cookie?)
Mum: no, Lemmy. Is not time to eat now.

Lemmy: Queso? ( cheese?)
Mum: Not now Lemmy

Lemmy: Awww yogurt?
Mum: Is time to sleep now, Lemmy ( I actually speak spanish to him, but I didn't want to translate everything twice!)

Lemmy: Aguita? ( water?)

Mum calling daddy for some water. Daddy comes in with water.

Lemmy: More food papa?
US: no Lemmy, is time to sleep now.

Lemmy:Mama? Me pica, mama. ( Mum? is itching mama..itching)
Mum: What is itching son?

Lemmy : Aca ( here), aca, aca. ( while pointing one wrist, the other one and his neck)

Lemmy drinking water, me checking his wrists and neck.

Lemmy: torta? Una torta grannnnnde? ( cake, a big caaaake?)
Mum: ah, ok tomorrow we can make one, but not tonight.

Lemmy: Tocar bateria? ( play drums?)
Mum: Which drums do you want to play? Jimmy's or Tim's?

Lemmy: Tim's!
Mum: laugh...ok, but now it's too late to play.

Lemmy : Abu esta sacando los pelos ( Abu is cleaning the hairs)
Meaning: My mum used to play with Lemmy cleaning the duster and brush when it started to get full of hairs! What can I say? Marc and I have long hair!

Lemmy: Y Tia Adriana esta secando el pelo ( and antie Adriana is drying her hair)
This is what she did the last day she was with us I think.

So, between jumping, running off the bedroom to get us, laughing, and ok...lots of tickles and kisses too. He finally gave in and fell sleep, after a looong talk.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Counting blessings....

I'm getting so behind with my weekly monday post of blessings, but I love doing them!
This one is from last week. From the 13th to the 20th.

324- Just hanging with my sister and mum
325- Chatting and laughing with my family
326- How happy Lemmy is
327- Bed time stories
328- Remembering old times
329- Inspiring stories
330- Hearing Lemmy sing
331- Natural Science Museum
332- Lemmy saying Wow Wow while running from one thing to another
333- Lemmy was so excited to see all the creatures, dinos, etc at the Museum
334- Lemmy's curiosity, asking what everything is.
335- Pic-nic

Today it was a good day

11th of September

Lemmy has been going through a rough patch. Not sure if it was all the changes of the last month, going to a festival for 15 days, routine out of the window, and not seeing daddy so much. He was a bit off when we got back. I mean, he was still the sweetest little boy I know! But sometimes my patience was not existent thanks to his tantrums. When I said no, he either screamed, kicked, hit, punched, pulled my hair, or daddy's ( including beard) who was this child? I refused to believe he was getting into the famous terrible 2's. My son? no way!

It is a fact ( after reading many parents books, searching in the web,etc) that at this age they start experiencing lots of strong feelings. Some how overwhelming for their little being. They can't control it, they just can't! They need to be understood, they need to express, and is all too much for them. This is the key age of discipline. So, instead of screaming back, or telling them off loudly ( just comes out naturally sometimes!), the way to show them how to deal with all this feelings of anger, disappointment, with a very calm soft speaking mum or dad. Talking through, explaining, leading by example as per say.
This way they will know how to react and how to manage their anger.

Well, I have to say, Im not perfect in any way. There was the occasional scream back (not too loud) but it was there. To feel terrible later, to ask him to forgive me and to move on...things kept being the same.

Marc and I talk last night and we knew that we needed to reinforce the gentle spirit that somehow got lost in the middle of the battle of the wills. Also, to add more quality time, doing all that he enjoys to do with him 100 %. No distractions.
And guess what? It does work!

Today was a good day. I prayed for God's grace, patience and wisdom, and I felt his grace on me. Since Marc was away, I spend more time with Lemmy doing the things he wanted me to do with him, play-dough elephants, drawing with markers, dancing, tickling, shower in his bath time, playing with the hose and pretending it was a water fountain ( he loves that!) We had an special time. Later on I suddenly heard the fire works. I took Lemmy with a big blanket into the balcony, we cuddled and watched them in the middle of the dark. With all the wonderful colourful fire works all over the sky. Lemmy's first words were : esta lloviendo! ( it is raining) he he, He loved it, he kept asking for more and more, and counting : uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis...until more would appear into the sky.
He had a nice cuddle with Abu first and then me before bed time. He caressed my cheek and thumb and I let him sleep in our big bed. It's a special thing when daddy is away. He has a radar, he knows exactly when Marc is not around during bed times, cause he wont stay in the cot. It's nice to have him around though :) My son.

We made a purple elephant with play-dough, he made 2 drawings. One to welcome my sister Adriana  and another one for his cousin Nico, who he loves :)

Here are some snaps of the day

Talking with daddy

Imitating mummy with the old camera

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Moles family-Luton-Bedfordshire families photographer-

September the 3rd I had lots of fun with a gorgeous family at the park. Melody is almost 2 and she is very lively! She couldn't stop running and twirling. It kept me busy! I think I lost a pound or 2! he he

Here are some of my favourites, you can always check the rest in my facebook page.

Counting blessings....

315- Shopping with my mum
316- A great day in with Lemmy and Abu
317-  Grace
318- A meal & film with my husband ( proper date :) )
319- Fire works
320- Cuddling with Lemmy outside in the balcony watching the fire works
321- Dinner out with another couple
322- My sister Adriana is here!
323- Lemmy's excitment to see Tia Adriana
323- Doing art work with Lemmy & Tia




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