Friday, 29 April 2011


From the 4 of April to the 18 of April. Behind as usual, but this time due to nasty flu and then life as usual!

808- My mum is back home after a very scary episode that ended up in the ER.
809- Being able to speak to my mum this afternoon
810- My sister had a great time in Bolonia and Venice
811- Making little cupcakes with Lemmy
812- Watching Madagascar with my son
813- Spending an afternoon with my friend Rita and her lovely boys
814- Lemmy's creativiness
815- Marc's passion
816- Marc's words of encouragment
817- A loving husband to care for me when I'm sick
818- Worship songs
819- Grandpa who came to stay with Lemmy while Marc took me to the doctor
820-Lemmy's first time ever staying with Grandpa
821- Lemmy was jumping of joy when Grandpa came and never ask for us!
822- Feeling better
823- Sitting in the balcony socking up sun
824- Drawings Lemmy did for me while I was stuck in bed
825- Quite times
826- Watched 4 films while resting in bed
827- It was so nice to enjoy some outdoors time with my boys!
828- Sitting under a tree
829- The smell of spring
830- How much Marc looked after me and Lemmy when I was so unwell
831- Lemmy's sweetness all over me when I was finally out of my room!
832- I made it to 10 days with no sugar!
833- Yummy cinammon sugary hot pretzle
834- Zoo time with family
835- Some answer prayers
836- The bluebells are here early!
837- Having Marc in bed with me after being in quarentine!
838- Being able to kiss my boys after 2 weeks of not kissing! ( because of the gastric flu!)
839- New investments
840- A walk in the bluebell woods with my 2 boys
841- Seeing the elephants so near us
842- The Dino egg finally cracked
843- Seeing Lemmy playing so well with his friends
844- Friends
845- Full moon
846- Pic-nic after church
847- Lemmy so excited over the pic-nic!
848- Marc having a studio space to record some new songs.
849- Lemmy's giggles

Photos taken on the 10th of April.
 In this series of snaps, Lemmy was having the giggles for something I said...he just couldn't stop laughing even when I grab the camera to capture the moment!! He kept on going :)

Monday, 18 April 2011

iheartfaces - wind-

 A sunset session that ended up being so windy and cold! But great photos from it :)

Monday, 4 April 2011


 I have been unwell for more than 1 week, with a bad here are my blessings for the past 2 weeks.

772- Spring is finally arriving with more sunshine and lots of little flowers are blossoming :)
773- Grandpa gave us a car!!
774- Lemmy said when he saw the car: It's funny! It's happy ( cause the front looks like a smile) It's a very special car. It's clean! :)
775- How grateful Lemmy is over things
776- Marc's sweetness
777- Orange honey!
778- Beautiful days
779- A wedding to photograph over the weekend
780- Lemmy slept through the whole trip, thankfully! As we were stuck for 4 hours!
781- A nice hotel to stay in
782- A lovely meal as a family
783- Cranky arrived on the mail!
784- I love food in weddings
785- What a blessing to share the work of photographing a wedding with another photographer!
786- An amazing caring husband who cooks every meal and washes dishes
787- Fresh carrot, oranges, apple and ginger juices that Marc ( with the help of Lemmy) has been making every day for me.
788- The prayers of friends and family
789- Clean fresh laundry
790- Lemmy recovers so quickly
791- Feeling better
792- Going out for some fresh air after being stuck in the flat!
793- Birthday party!
794- Lemmy's sweets cuddles and hugs with kids in the party
795- Sweet cupcakes
796- Party goodies for Lemmy
797- Lots of potty books and dvds arrive on the post
798- Hatching a dinosaur egg with Lemmy
799- A fun session at a Ballet class for little girls
800- I'm near my 1000 blessings! ;)
801- Fun sessions with Kasia and Samuel ( check my facebook page for some sneak peaks..)
802- Mother's day!
803- A beautiful card made by Lemmy
804- A nice meal out ( japanese)
805- Watching a film together
806- Running around and playing with Lemmy at the park
807- Lots of photos taken on mother's day by Marc :) one of the best gifts to me!

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