Thursday, 27 April 2017

A father to the fatherless

One day in July I lost my dad when I was only 13 years old. I remember that day as if it had just happened. It's painful like no other pain I have experienced in my short life. I was angry at God, how could He take away the person that I loved the most? Why couldn't I see him be healed or resurrected like all the miracles I had heard Jesus did and promised we could do too?? I walked away from God that very day. I was lost, I was in pain. I had nothing to live for. I didn't want to live anymore. Forward to the summer of 1995 after lots of things in between I ended up in Hawaii, Kona where my sister lives and was a missionary then. Yep! Missionary in Hawaii! Sounds hard eh? 😄 I was surrounded by beauty and by people who were so kind, warm and peaceful. I wanted that. I wanted to know God like I never did before, in a deeper way, my God! Not the God I kept hearing about or my sisters God. I wanted to know MY God. And so, I went to my room and knelt down. I cried a simple prayer : I want to know you and I will follow you if you show me you are real. He did. He told me, forget the former things , I will do a new thing. And so, I have never turned back. Today in my quite time with the Lord (well not so quite, with happy noisey kids in the background) I read : for in Christ Jesus I became your father. Sweet love poured into my heart again, the reminder of the words he spoke when I decided to follow him. He fathered me when I had no father. His love is so pure that takes away all pain and doubts. A love so strong that makes me trust him even when circumstances are inexplicable . He can be the father to the fatherless. He can be your all. His love takes anyone in. Anyone.

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