Tuesday, 30 November 2010

iheartfaces - Scenic B & W-

Taking with my new tripod. Sweet times with my beautiful son :)

Counting blessings....

Due yesterday!

478- Had a lovely day shopping for my family
479- Lemmy was a super good boy at the restaurant
480- Lemmy's excitement when we got him a new toy 
481- The way Lemmy talks to anybody he meets, greets, smiles..etc! Love it!
482- Such a happy moment listening to cheerful Christmas songs at the restaurant, while eating good food.
483- A very sweet e-mail by a client following a request for me to be their wedding photographer!
484- Santa's grotto
485- A nice outing with my little family
486- Good, tasty food
487- Being warm and cozy inside our home when is freezing outside
488- The town cover in white

Monday, 29 November 2010

Chloe-Milton Keynes newborn photographer-

I was on call waiting for the birth of little Chloe so I could take her photos when she was still fresh :)
I had forgotten how soft newborn skins are!! Chloe is just 5 days old in this photos. To much cuteness!! 

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Counting blessings....

From the 8th to the 15th of november.

451- My sister turned 50!
452- My mum arrived safe to Bs As
453- Lots of skype with Abu, tia Patricia and Adri
454- The miracle of life
455- My friend's husband defeated a horrible illness after a long fight
456- Stickers!
457- An early birthday present
458- Lots of laundry done!
459- My husband's yummy meals
460- Waking up with Lemmy's kisses and huggies
461- A weekend in Eastborne
462- Marc had a great weekend at the worship conference
463- Lemmy went to the beach and play with rocks in the mornings with daddy
464- Lemmy jumping on the hotel's bed
465- Spending lots of  time playing with stickers with my son
466- Found the red wooden bus that Lemmy really wanted 60% off!!
467- Lots of goodies arriving in the mail
468- Lemmy slept the whole journey back home ( 2 hours and 20 minutes)
469- Back home
470- The best stuffed mushrooms I ever tasted ( by Marc of course!)
471- Newborn photo session tomorrow!

From 15th to 22th
472- Found more toys for Lemmy on a sale
473- Watching Cars ( first film he ever watched whole) for the first time with Lemmy, and really enjoying it.
474- Lemmy covering me with lots and lots of kisses
475- How Lemmy asks me : Que paso mama? Estas bien mama? when I trip, or bump my head..etc!
476- A live workshop with an amazing photographer!!
477- More skype time with family

Sorry no photos this time....will show some from the newborn shot in my next post!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Grace and Daniel

7th of November

Marc had a church gig in my friend's church on that sunday. I had the chance to meet up with her, catch up and see her beautiful kids. We all had a lovely time. Grace was only 8 weeks old, so tiny and super cuddly. I didn't hear her cry all day! What an angel. Daniel is the same age as my 2 year old boy so they play non stop. I love seeing them giggle and play so nicely together. 
Here are some of my favourites snaps of the little ones from that day.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Counting blessings....

From the 1st of November until the 8th of November

428- Chocolates
429- bubbles bath
430- smoothies
431- Found Lemmy's motorbike that Abu gave him behind the couch
432- Lemmy did lots of pee pee's in his potty all by himself!
433- And a little poo in the big toilet!
434- Bible gateaway reading plans e-mails reminders
435- Nice letters of people and friends who likes my work
436- Seeing old friends
437- Having lots of cuddles with my friend's baby
438- Lemmy had lots of play times with little friends and lots of toys
439- Fireworks!!!
440- A nice meal with a quick catching up
441- A long walk into the woods
442- Marc's friend Duncan who carry Lemmy when daddy got tired
443- The best cupcake I EVER had at the cafe after our long walk
444- Hanging out at my friend's house and hear some stories of Africa with her family
445- LOTS of fireworks at the park, Lemmy was super excited!
446- Long nap for Lemmy in the afternoon at Celeste's bed
447- A bonfire at another's friends place
448- Lemmy good nights of sleep
449- Lemmy had a fun bubble bath with daddy :)
450- Lemmy falling sleep while on Duncan's shoulders! sweet and funny!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Ella- Harpenden- Hertfordshire photographer-

My son's beautiful little friend, Ella. She was helping grandma picking apples, and enjoying some herself! :)

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