Tuesday, 29 June 2010


This week challenge : Pets only

This is Thelma. My niece's cat. I capture her while watching intensely my sister's bird. 

Vamos vamos Argentina!

Yesterday we played against Mexico. It was a good game, I was on the edge of my sit for most of it!
This world cup has been so much fun while having a 23 months old baby who likes to copy our every move! Also copying our every word! ( we need to be careful in what we say!)
I ended up watching it with my son on my lap. If I jumped from a gooooooal!!! He jumped with me! If I scream, he scream with joy! We had such a great time together! He say no no no with his little finger to the computer monitor when the mexicans grab the ball, or yell : MESSI MESSI if he got the ball. I wish I did have a video of us watching the game, I think daddy would have been very proud!
We are sad England lost but as my husband says, maybe is better this way for our marriage! HA HA
Now he is on our side! :)  I can surely tell which Lemmy's side is, he is a truly Argentinian at heart!
My mum is here with us, another blog entry for that one! ;) And brought an Argentinian football kit for Lemmy ( his first one!)  It is a bit too big but it will last longer ;) ! Lemmy wears  it with a very amused face and didn't want me to take it off when I say, we have to Lemmy, is too hot in here. he he

Here are some photos of him with his new football kit right before the game!

Well done guys!! you made us proud today!! VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!!!!

Ayer jugamos contra Mexico. Fue un buen partido, estube al borde de la silla casi todo el tiempo!
Este mundial esta siendo super divertido teniendo un bebe de 23 meses que le gusta copiar cada movimiento que hacemos! Y repetir todo lo que decimos como un lorito! ( hay que tener cuidado!)
Termine viendo el partido con Lemmy a upa mio. Si saltaba y gritaba Goooooooal, el saltaba conmigo! Si gritaba, el gritaba de alegria! Tuvimos un tiempo excelente juntos! El decia no no no con su dedito a la pantalla de la compu cuando los mexicanos nos quitaban la pelota, o gritaba : MESSI MESSI cuando se acercaba al arco. Como me hubiese gustado grabarlo en video!!!  papito estaria muy orgulloso!
Estamos un poco tristes que Inglaterra perdio pero como dice mi esposo, quizas es mejor asi para nuestro matrimonio! ja ja
Ahora esta de nuestro lado :), y puedo ver muy clarito de que lado esta Lemmy! Es un Argentino de corazon!
Mi mama esta aca con nosotros ( otra entrada de blog para compartir mas sobre ella) y nos trajo su primer equipo Argentino de football. Es un poco grande, pero asi le durara un poquito mas! ;) Lemmy se lo puso super contento y despues no se lo queria sacar, cuando le insistia que hacia demasiado calor...je je

Aqui hay algunas fotos con su camiseta de Argentina, antes que el partido comenzara.

Muy bien muchachos!! VAMOS VAMOS ARGENTINA!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Vikki's maternity shoot-St.Albans-Hertfordshire maternity photographer-

I had the pleasure to photograph a beautiful woman in the last few days before the baby arrived! It was an honour and we both had a great time! I went a bit crazy and took too many photos! It was actually hard to pick a few out of almost 600 photos I took! But here are some of the whole lot!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Counting blessings....

178- Swings and slides
179- Brazilian BBQ
180- Learning
181- Lemmy's obedience
182- Listening to Lemmy sing
183- Enjoying the garden of the studio while daddy works
184- A delicious flan my friend made
185- Watching the world cup with friends
186- Lemmy's conversations
187- Marc's meals
188- Taking maternity photos for a friend, super fun!
189- Loving the longer days
190- Going to the park late in the afternoon, and having it all by ourselves!
191- A great Father's day!

holy experience

Monday, 21 June 2010

iheartfaces - celebrating teens-

This week challenge : Celebrating Teens

My nephew Nico. He is an artist, and a bit eccentric. This was taken when he was just 19! And of course was unaware of me taking the photo :)

My first ever entry at  I ♥ Faces. The theme this week is “Celebrating Teens.” 

Monday, 14 June 2010

Counting blessings....

171. Lots of colours in the garden
172. Beautiful flowers
173. Argentina won the first game :)
174. World cup fever
175. Rain drops
176. The love of my husband
177. The prayers of my son

holy experience

Saturday, 12 June 2010


Last sunday we went to our friends boy's birthday party. I just love seeing Lemmy playing so well and having lots of fun with whoever he meets. There were so many different cultures. I really enjoyed taking some photos of the party for my friend. I took way too many, but here are some of my favourites.

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