Saturday, 9 May 2009

more blah of the day

Still thinking and pondering what should I do with this blog? 
So many ideas but not sure which to follow..

For the moment I guess I will just blah blah as the choice of my title.

It has been a lovely sunny day in UK today. Had a lovely day out with my 2 loves. Met with Nanna and enjoyed a very yummy lunch outdoors. Little monkey loved to be outside! he jump and dance with the music. He is such a good boy! I'm so proud of him. Where ever we go people just loves him! his big staring eyes, and warm smile, cheeky giggles, and cute face expressions can melt anybody's heart! I love him dearly.

One thought for the day.
Something that really annoys me and actually makes me angry and upset is the fact of people not being careful enough when they are sick or their kids are sick. 
As Im from Argentina. In my culture when somebody is sick, we keep ourselves at home or at least far away from other people's babies, etc. Also we never touch the baby's hands or face. Unless permitted by the mother. That helps so much to avoid nasty flu, nasty illness at bay. 
I may be a clean/health freak but when it comes down to my son, i don't care! 
milton wipes, anti-bacterial hand hygiene gel...etc...with me all the time! 

Thursday, 7 May 2009

I'm back

I think I will start with this blog once again...spanish, english. A mix of both I much happened since 2007! 

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