Thursday, 27 April 2017

A father to the fatherless

One day in July I lost my dad when I was only 13 years old. I remember that day as if it had just happened. It's painful like no other pain I have experienced in my short life. I was angry at God, how could He take away the person that I loved the most? Why couldn't I see him be healed or resurrected like all the miracles I had heard Jesus did and promised we could do too?? I walked away from God that very day. I was lost, I was in pain. I had nothing to live for. I didn't want to live anymore. Forward to the summer of 1995 after lots of things in between I ended up in Hawaii, Kona where my sister lives and was a missionary then. Yep! Missionary in Hawaii! Sounds hard eh? 😄 I was surrounded by beauty and by people who were so kind, warm and peaceful. I wanted that. I wanted to know God like I never did before, in a deeper way, my God! Not the God I kept hearing about or my sisters God. I wanted to know MY God. And so, I went to my room and knelt down. I cried a simple prayer : I want to know you and I will follow you if you show me you are real. He did. He told me, forget the former things , I will do a new thing. And so, I have never turned back. Today in my quite time with the Lord (well not so quite, with happy noisey kids in the background) I read : for in Christ Jesus I became your father. Sweet love poured into my heart again, the reminder of the words he spoke when I decided to follow him. He fathered me when I had no father. His love is so pure that takes away all pain and doubts. A love so strong that makes me trust him even when circumstances are inexplicable . He can be the father to the fatherless. He can be your all. His love takes anyone in. Anyone.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Berry picking in Hertfordshire

22 July 2016

I grew up in the city. Well, not technically right in the city, more like a suburb. When I was 3 I rode my tricycle around the block of my house, then at age 6  I learned to ride a bike in the middle of the road in front of my house. We didn’t go often to the park. At least I  don’t remember it. We did go to a Country club, where I would meet with my friends and now and then go to the playground there. Mostly, I would skate with my roller skates, play all kinds of different games, including hide and seek,  tag , la busqueda ( the search ) if we were too many people and more. When I got a bit older, we use to exchange stickers and stationaries and it was just girls by then. I only remember once going to a Farm with my school, and I still remember the feel of the cow’s udders when I tried to milk it, sort of rough and rugged, not what I expect it I guess. I bought eggs from the chickens there, which I proudly carried them on my lap all the ride home on the bus for what seemed like an eternity so they would be intact as a gift for my mum! (while other’s didn’t last the whole trip)!

To think that at the same time, there was a little boy in England that went with his family to pick berries, and years later he is back with his own family, in the same place!! It makes it extra special :) 

Growing up in such a different place and culture than England, it makes me appreciate the things I didn’t have then. One of my favourite things is to take my kids for berry picking. I find it so charming! I only read it in books. I think that’s why I love England so much. Because since I first landed here as an adult, even the houses looked out of a book, books I used to read when I was little. The country side, the fields, the flowers are all part of the charm of this beautiful place.

I love seeing my kids eating as many berries as they can! Well, mostly Lainey! Not much is left in her basket, as she puts them in for seconds later to grab them again :) She loves the gooseberries and raspberries the most. She makes noises and rubs her belly in delight. To see everything through their eyes. The tint of the blackberries running through their fingers. The purple lips and stickiness. The fragrance of the strawberries. It is magical. The whole package, of picking berries to then go home and make a dessert with them. It feels good.

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