Saturday, 27 August 2011

- a full sunday-

24 of April

It was a full on day. I may remember it as the first time Lemmy fell from a skateboard, his first real hurt. It started with some easter cards making for the family.

After the service finished, Lemmy got to jam a bit in the drums which he really loves.

so proud of himself!

Having fun with all the toys while Marc was sound checking for the night service.

Just before Marc started singing, Lemmy was playing with lots of boys. His favourite thing was to push a dolly push chair through the corridor. A friend of ours had a skateboard, I watched him helping Lemmy to get on it. I went to get water ( right by him), and one second later I heard a big crash and a cry. I felt so sad to see his lips bleeding and Marc just started to play! Poor Lemmy, it was his first big fall, here are some photos afterwards when I took him to play a bit.

He found Thomas, and that was a treat! 

Later on, after he cheered up, he went to the spot when he had the fall and told me and anybody who was there (willing to hear), the whole story of his fall. He proudly said: I have a BIG owie! Bless him!! 

Thursday, 18 August 2011


From the 2 of May to 31 of May

876- Studio time
877- Skyping with mum!
878- Oportunities
879- Marc playing pedal steel for the support band of Peter Doherty
880- Peter Doherty asked Marc to play pedal steel for him
881- Lots of worship gigs for Marc in NI
882- Lots of quality times with Lemmy, while daddy was away
883- Lemmy was such an amazing boy while daddy was away
884- We clean, we painted, we colour, we did crafts, we race cars, we read books and did puzzles among other things!
885- I rested in the nights
886- Salads
887- It is sooo good to have Marc home!
888- A nice afternoon with my family under the spring sun
889- Lemmy riding his trike
890- Lemmy's snuggling times with mummy when he gets up
891- The way Lemmy put his hands under his face when he sleeps
892- Made a chocolate cake for daddy!
893- Lemmy was super excited for daddy's birthday
894- Daddy had to work and play but we got to share it with him
895- Marc loved his presents, including the chocolate cake :)
896- I made dulce de leche, and pretty much ate it all myself
897- Lemmy is loving taking photos with my old camera
898- A fun day with Celeste and Daniel
899- Nice lunch at Zizzi's, follow by a nice walk in the park
900- Converse!
901- Lemmy's incredible imagination
902- Thanks to a post in facebook, I found a person who had horseradish!
903- Duncan, who gave me lots of horseradish!
904- Master tonic here we come!
905- Lemmy helping with the vacuuming
906-New books to read for Lemmy
907- Meeting friends at the park
908- Lemmy having dinner at the balcony with daddy
909- Messy hair when Lemmy gets up from nap time
910- Spending a day at Bob and Darcy's place
911- Trampoline
912- Watering cans! hours of fun for Lemmy
913- Lemmy watering Darcy's garden
914- Relaxing in a hammock under the sun
915- Lemmy finding Lady birds
916- Nice converstaions
917- Lots of bubbles for bath time
918- Lemmy's funny faces
919- Lemmy falling asleep in Marc's arms
920- The way Lemmy store all the grapes I gave him for a snack=just like a hamster
921- Celebrating 25 de Mayo
922- Hearing my son saying : mmm Delicioso mama!!! ( Delicious) After tasting my meals
923- Discovering little creatures in Nana's garden
924- Having some japanese food with the family
925- Lemmy riding a tractor
926- Vacum storage bags!!! oh yeah!

3 of May

Silly daddy put my pants on my head! Lemmy amused.

19 of May

Lemmy pointing at the spider in his home.

19 of May

Making 2 roads.

 21 of May

Just woken up from his nap...

21 of May

Enjoying some windy supper at the balcony with daddy.

25 of May

I gave Lemmy some grapes for a snack. I turned around for a bit and then I looked at him and I saw this face! He kept all the grapes on his cheeks!! I laugh so hard!! My cheeky son!

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