Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Celeste-Hertfordshire portrait photographer-

 I spent 15 days at a Festival in Shepton Mallet with my family. It was the last week of meetings with lots of rain in between! While the clouds were dancing around in the sky and the rain was coming and going, I took this mini session of my friend Celeste. She is fun, loving and genuine. I love capturing some of that silliness in her as well :). Her sweet friend Jodie was there so she joined in for a few snap shots, hope you enjoy!

Here are some of my favorites, you could see the whole set at : veronica james photoraphy ( facebook page)

Counting blessings....

Being away for 15 days makes the days turn into a big blur...so I just gather randomly a few blessings from/since  being at the Festival.

252- Made it back home safe and sound
253- feeling the presence of God while worshipping
254- Being challenge to be the light of the world
255- Seeing Lemmy loving worship times
256- Taking Lemmy to Creche for the first time, he was running from toy to toy
256- Having the best risotto at a near buy restaurant
257- My mum helping me so much during this time
258- My mum looking after me when I started getting a sore throat
259- There's no one like a mum when you feel sick
260- Marc's rocking guitar playing
261- Hanging out with some friends that we don't see very often
262- Bruton town
263- Moving to a better school to stay in, felt more like home
264- Home made soup late at night
265- Raw garlic
266- Hanging out in Wells with friends
267- The speakers lounge hospitality
268- Alex who made sure there was a box of toys for Lemmy
269- The vacuum
270- Laundry facilities
271- Clean clothes
272- Lemmy works of art from Creche
273- The way Lemmy give thumbs up to all the boys
274- Lemmy playing so well with people
275- Lemmy learned how to draw balloons :)
276- Lemmy's drumming
277- Talking with Lemmy about his day before bed.
278- I still can't believe I can carry a whole long conversation with my 25 months old boy!
279- Being back home
280- Sleeping, or not, in our big bed
281- A mini photoshot in between meetings and rain!

I took a lot of snaps, this are only a few...once I go through all of them I may add others later on..

Lemmy choosing the flat and bigger stones to put on the bottom. Smart kid!

An spontaneous hug to Abu :) my sweet boy

Learning about Noah's Ark, backstage. ( wearing his favourite hat which I think it needs a replacement! )

Bruton Town

Monday, 16 August 2010

iheartfaces-Got to wear Shades-

This week challenge- Got to wear Shades-
Something that my 2 year old loves to do, with mummy's shades!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Counting blessings....

2 weeks of blessings together, as I forgot again to post it on last monday!

241- Lemmy Lemmy Lemmy
242- My mum!!!
243- My loving husband
244- Another outing to see a film with Marc..yeah!
245- Orange cake by my mum
246- The best zucchini tortilla's ever made ( by mum)
247- Marc coming back home for a wedding, meant we got to see him more than expected
248- Lemmy enjoying the library in town
249- Going to the London Zoo for the 1st time with my mum and family.
250- Lemmy's joy over everything!
251- My website is finally out!  www.veronicajamesphotography.com
252- Lots of encouraging words from my friends and family
253- My niece is feeling much better
254- Having Marc home
255- A good book to submerge into
256- Children's day in Argentina, we got to celebrated at home :)
257- Panqueques con dulce de leche


My 2 year old son got an unexpected kissed by a little friend....his surprise look says it all!! he he

Friday, 6 August 2010

Noah-St.Albans-Hertfordshire newborn photographer-

About a month ago I took some photos of Vikki's beautiful belly, and a few weeks later I got to meet her son Noah! I took lots of photos of this gorgeous baby! He was only 25 days old but very big!

Here are a few of my favourites, you can see more at my Facebook page or my website

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