Friday, 25 February 2011

Morning cereal

20th of February

It became a little routine for Lemmy to have oats with milk and bananas for breakfast. Sometimes I cook the oats with water and add a bit of cold milk with the bananas. Other times he eats the oats alone with milk and bananas. Raisins are added at times. This boy could live from that breakfast alone! He loves it, he longs for it every morning. At times he even jumps with joy when it's ready on the table ( if I take too long to wake up in the mornings) screaming : Cereals, cereals!

Here is the big bowl of oats.

 Enjoying it and the empty bowl.

 Many times he has finished 2 full bowls.

I think we started giving him oats when he was 1 year old. Since Marc and I decided not to give Lemmy any sugar,Chemicals And Additives , we started reading labels more often for what to offer our son. It is amazing the amount of crap/junk you can find in regular cereals. I read in one nutrition site how one bowl of cereal is equivalent to one Doughnut! auch! 
Reading about oats, we found out how good they are for our health. It is the best cereal for all people. It has so many properties and either alone or cooked is very nutritious. Marc and I started to crave that little breakfast  for ourselves and when we can, we eat it with some blueberries, agape syrup or honey (  I craved a bit of sweetness, thanks to my sweet upbringing!  I wish I was raised like Lemmy in that area!)

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Creative Arts preschool- Harpenden- Hertfordshire photographer-

I was invited to take photos for two different groups at the Creative Arts Preschool. I took Lemmy along so we both had a great time!

Here there's a few, you can see more at my facebook page.

Monday, 21 February 2011


700- Valentine's day!
701- Marc made us all a yummy branch! ( fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh fruit salad, croissants, scramble eggs with lots of cheese -the way I like it- , bacon and thin sausages.
702- Lemmy's sweet cards
703- More presents!
704- A day at the park
705- Family photos with tripod!
706- Meet friends at the Park
707- A chill night in
708- More creative arts at a Preschool with Lemmy while mummy showed the photos of the last session
709- Lunch at a nice cafe
710- Good friends
711- Lots of cuddles with Saraia
712- Waxing
713- A sunny day
714- Lunch in the car :)
715- Lemmy had a great time with nana ( Marc's mum) and even got a little car
716- Lemmy had a fun late afternoon with Maccy and even score a little train
717- La rana rene
718- Maria Pia
719- Lemmy's prayers every night.
720- Lemmy has been praying for his cousin every night without me reminding him of.
721- I was cold the other morning and Lemmy came with a blanket and put it around my shoulders
722- Lemmy saying : Que hermoso elefante!! ( what a beautiful elephant!) looking at his own drawings
723- Lots of good opportunities are arising
724- One of my photos were chosen for Angie and Amy's weekly pick from IHF!! So happy!
725- Once in a while a little chocolate
726- Full fat creamy milk ( no homogenised)
727- Milk chocolate with big hazelnuts in them
728- How Lemmy pretends Ana's car ( that she lend us as ours is broken) is lighting Mac Queen ( it is red and a bit faster) ha ha
729- Lemmy saying "Bless you" after I sneezed
729- Lemmy is so thoughtful and considerate to others
730- If I have a headache or hiccups, Lemmy comes with my water bottle and says : Toma un poquito de aguita mamita. ( Take a little bit of water mummy )
731- Lemmy's kindness and grace is so overwhelming

Sunday, 20 February 2011

A good day

8th of February

The sun was shining. You don't get to see that too often over here in England. That fact alone meant the start of a very good day.
I started with a photo session at a Preschool in Harpenden. I loved it and it was a bonus that Lemmy came along and had a great time too.

We had a light picnic lunch under the sunny winter day.

I went to look for some yarn in town. I found a beautiful soft chocolate colour. Then, I found one of the Cabbage patch kids in a Charity shop for only £5. I named her Annie, to be friends of Parker ( the one that I got in January) and Lemmy loved the idea. She survived the washing machine and looked like new. I also found a Jamie's Oliver brand new book with recipes from Spain, I thought Marc would love it!

 Lemmy fell sleep in the car, after he had  run around the park with daddy, while mummy got some shopping done.
We headed to the Zoo! Here in England, the Zoo closes rather early during winter. At 4pm it shuts down. We had only 1 hour and a few minutes left. We went in the car instead and was fun. First the Elephants ( Lemmy's favourites)

Driving with daddy 

   Running with mummy

On the way home the car started to over heat. Finally Marc decided it was better to stop and call the service to come and check it out. Lemmy was super excited that a tow truck was on its way to rescue us! He kept on saying : The truck will rescue us! rescue us...etc...he was sooo chirpy and happy about it!
We went outside and had a run around by the side of the road, while waiting. We ran, took some photos, and laughed. We were there for 1 hour that seemed only a few minutes. Until it started to get dark and cold, so as we headed to the car for some snacks and drink, the tow truck showed up! Lemmy was over the moon! ha ha

                             waiting to be rescue

I got home and went through the photos of the day. I Loved them all. It was a very full day, a very good day indeed.

Thursday, 17 February 2011


From the 7th to the 14th of February. ( not including the 14th, as I had to published it then)

680- Lemmy learning guitar
681- Looking at Lemmy play with daddy's guitars
682- Had a great morning at another preschool photo session
683- Lemmy made a Valentine's card with daddy at the preschool
684- He also made me heart shape cookies-delicious!-
685- Finally the sun came out, it makes me feel so much better
686- A nice pic nick lunch
687- An afternoon at the Zoo
688- Our car broke down, so Lemmy was super excited to be rescue
689- Lemmy's excitement to see the tow truck who rescue us!
690- Having fun on the side of the road, waiting for the tow truck
691- I found a Cabbage Kid Doll at a local charity shop for £5, who looked like new after a laundry wash :)
692- Ikea!
693- I found more sales on baby props
694- My baby hammock that my friend made is finished!
695- Lemmy got a new jigsaw puzzled of 35 pieces and did it so quickly!
696- Lemmy reading stories to daddy last night until daddy fell sleep :)
697- A really encouraging feedback from the parents and teachers at the Preschool
698- Sweet mandarins
699- Lemmy's hugs and kisses are always the best remedy to bring instant love and joy :)

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