Sunday, 4 December 2011

22 de Mayo-an afternoon in the garden-Oxford

Bob & Darcy have a very big garden. Since we live in a flat, it's such a treat for Lemmy to spend the whole day in a garden. 

First thing, the trampoline! 

I wish I could remember what he was looking at?! haha

Having so much fun!

Ok, time to play with some trucks now.

The flowers need some watering. Another of Lemmy's fav things to do!! Watering the plants, and getting wet of course!

This is a lot of work!

A very good helper indeed.

After taking some photos, I went and relax in the hammock under the warmth of the sun. Lovely.

21 de Mayo - que fiaca!-

Up from a nap!

I love those expressions!

An avocado in the balcony
mmmrrr is chilly mummy!

13 de Mayo- Daddy's birthday!-

Yesterday Lemmy helped me bake a chocolate cake for daddy. He was rather excited because it reminded him of the episode in Peppa Pig where Peppa and mummy make a chocolate cake!
It was a special occation. Daddy's birthday! It's so great now that Lemmy can fully get into all the celebrations.

This was our day.

Time to decorate the cake we made together. Lemmy put the dulce de leche.

Lemmy's cake decoration results:

The last finishing touches...

Oh no, mummy my finger got sticky! clean it up please!

Lemmy hasn't try any sugar yet. When I made the cake with him, I wasn't gonna let him have any. But as the cake was done, he ask: Is this cake for Lemmy too? So, I guess he can try just a piece, just this once. The cake was a very yummy crazy chocolate cake recepie, adjust for my own tastes. No dairy, no egg, brown sugar ( but only a little bit) and pure organic cocoa. So I guess it's better than bought ones at the end. Lemmy was so excited to try it! He kets saying: Delicious! Delicious! Do you like it mummy? Do you like it daddy?

 He had 3 bites all together and off he went to play.

Later on, daddy had to work. On his birthday! But he wanted off we went to the Fly Worship stand. Lemmy quickly got all his cars out and felt at home.

Fly demonstration

Exploring the expo with Lemmy

Mi guapito!!

At night, Marc celebrated with a fizzy drink cortesy of Darcy and Bob.

With strawberrys :) 

Happy Birthday my love!!!!!!! So happy to celebrate with you! You are truly the best man, husband, father, friend a girl could ever dream off!! :)

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