Monday, 24 January 2011


625- A full rest day after a long busy week
626- A trip to town
627- I found incredible bargains
628- A wooden trike I wanted for Lemmy long ago ( £85) I found brand new for £ 13!
629- Lemmy got Buzz !
630- Supermarket trips are so much fun with a 2 year old by your side :)
631- A fun day with Lemmy while daddy had to record at the studio
632- My friend Jessika's big package arrived!
633- Opening all the goodies Jessika sent!
634- I love real mail!
635- Trying on my camera dreams, but still hard to pick one!
636- Seeing and hearing my two boys laughing at the shower
637- Lemmy sandwich!! ( I will write a blog about this!)
638- Lots of chilling time
639- Skype with friends
640- Drawing with Lemmy
641- Lemmy is finally into strawberries :)
642- Incredible Chicken roast with fennels that Marc cooked
643- Fennel
644- Catching up in my bible reading
645- Finished a book I started in 2010!
646- Being covered with stuffed animals, then Lemmy, then times!
647- My second batch of muffins ( this time of Strawberries, blueberries and lemon)
648- A fire in our building, thankfully nothing serious!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

A lesson to be learned

21st of January

Today was one of those days. After many interrupted nights of being woken up by Lemmy's agitated bad dreams, last night we finally had a good full long night of sleep. Why is it though, that when you sleep a bit more you still feel more tired? One of those days...
Marc had to play tonight and there were lots of things to get done (as always!) before he left. Playing with Lemmy, eat, shower, and just the essentials.
I don't even know how started but somehow we both got a bit irritated and snapped a little bit. I went to my room to do other stuff while Marc went to the kitchen. I heard Lemmy saying very loudly: Sandwich! Papa! Sandwich! Mama!! Sandwich!! I thought he wanted a sandwich but since he was already in the kitchen with Marc I didn't respond. I hear Marc asking him: Do you want a cheese sandwich?
No! Lemmy said. I want a Papa, Mama and Lemmy sandwich!! So I ran to the living room and we did the "Lemmy sandwich" which consisted of holding Lemmy in the middle while daddy and mummy squish him very tight! He loves this. To be hones we all love it! :) We did this over and over. Papa, Mama and Lemmy sandwich. Suddenly our mood change, we were more playful, more relax. We ended up in our bed being tickle by Lemmy! Lots of giggles, hugs, squishes and kisses. Laughter and joy fill the room. A perfect moment. Marc and I looked at each other and say: who is this little guy? He sense how we were feeling and brought us together in his own little way. How did Marc and I create such a precious, amazing little guy?! We were amazed at his heart, at his love, his sweetness. I need to remember this lesson.

There's something powerful about laughter and closeness. Below are some things I was reading in the book Playful Parenting. It looks like Lemmy (like most children!) knew so naturally the way to bring people closer :)

" In my mind there is nothing so illiberal, and so ill-bred, as audible laughter....I am neither of a melancholy, nor a cynical disposition, and am as willing and apt to be pleased as anybody; but I am sure that since I have had the full use of my reason, nobody has even heard me laugh."
-Lord Chesterfield, Letters to his son (1774)-

We often forget the importance of laughter. Giggles and belly laughs are the natural way that children and adults release fears and embarrassment and anxiety. Parents can use this technique of following the giggles to lighten up a conflict or a tense moment.
Sharing a giggle is a basic way to join and connect with children. Laughter automatically brings people closer. So laughing together makes a connection, and making a connection often brings a laugh. Combine the giggles with physical contact, and that is another great way of being close.
Laughter is healing. 

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The big red bus with David Beackstead

I was so excited the day before my birthday that I couldn't sleep at all!
David Beckstead is an amazing photographer, well known for his dramatic compositions and doing destination weddings all over the world. His style is very unique, very different. I heard about him and knew of friends who have taken his workshops and loved them! When I found out he was doing a workshop in London and just happened to be on my birthday, I decided to go for it! Thanks to my wonderful husband who gave me that present among other surprises :)
I really really loved every minute of it. He is such a good teacher and warm person. He challenged us to leave our comfort zones, to step out from our "safe shoots" and try new things, experiment, take chances and be different. So that's what I did! It's not my style but I loved experimenting and learning new technics. It was also fun to meet some very cool people. Here are some of the shots of the day.

Monday, 17 January 2011


598- My mum turned 79!
599- Lemmy had a great time seeing his friend Ella and new baby sister, Saria.
600- Meeting baby Saria for the first time, so fresh and soft.
601- Staying in a nice hotel in London the night before my birthday
602- I turned 36!
603- Waking up with a happy birthday song by Lemmy
604- Getting 2 beautiful cards picked by Lemmy :)
605- How amazing and selfless Marc is
606- A workshop with David Beckstead all over London
607- All the things I learn from David!
608- Seeing such an amazing photographer in action
609- Meeting nice people
610- Lemmy's sweetness towards me every chance I got to see him ( while the convention was on)
611- Enjoying breakfast, lunches and dinners with my family
612- Enjoying stories and lots of snuggles before bed time with Lemmy
613- I was able to attend the Convention and lots of classes, 4 full days thanks to my incredible husband!
614- I felt so encourage by lots of people who told me how good my photos are, specially by good photographers!! :)
615- Sushi!
616- The cupcakes Marc got me
617- Lots of gifts and surprises that Marc gave me :)
618- A yummy chocolate cake that Lemmy chose for me
619- It was so great to hear and learn from so many photographers
620- Lots of things to process!
621- Great advise and tips
622- I got so touch and felt so emotional by hearing one of the speakers.
623- A good night sleep and restful day
624- White Christmas ( first time we watched it!)

Lemmy and Ella.


Thursday, 13 January 2011


From the 3rd to the 10th ( 10th not included)

575- Lazy day in pijamas
576- Steam veggies, they taste so much better!
577-Watched a film with Marc cuddling on the couch :)
578-Lemmy waking up about 1ish am asking: where is my hat? and the hat?? - I brought a red/blue one and he says : no the other one. I brought the red/white one and he says, ah it's wet. ( I just washed it so it was drying) He fell asleep afterwards.
579- Lemmy fills my heart with love every day
580- How Lemmy is so concerned if I get hurt.
581- Pretty things
582- Making my first blueberry muffins with my little helper
583- Lemmy helping us at the supermarket
584- How Lemmy is so nice with everyone he meets
585- The blueberrys muffins were delish!
586- Nothing beats a homemade soup in a cold day
587- Pretty in pink, I haven't seen it for ages.
588- Catching up on my bible reading
589- Nice quite time while 2 boys were taking a nap
590- Lemmy is 2 years and a half!
591- Lemmy's many kisses and huggies to me and daddy every day
592- Lemmy's prayers over me when I have a headache
593- Relaxing in bed when my son reads me many many stories. Perfect moment :)
594- Celebrating the 3 kings!
595- More gifts to open
596- Lemmy is such an amazing good boy, specially when daddy is away :)
597- Every time Lemmy opened his presents he said: uuuy a very special book! A very special car! ( put the word special for each present) so sweeeet

Lemmy wanted me to take photos of his special cars :)

Is this face that I love so much!

Monday, 3 January 2011


548- Sales
549- Great bargains at the mall
550- So happy with my new purchases at half price
551- A nice lunch out
552- An afternoon tea and dinner with Celeste
553- A day at home
554- Seeing friends
555- Lemmy's love to socialize with people
556- More goodies on the mail
557- Free goodies
558- Meeting Neve
559- A day full of good friends and good times
560-Lemmy's sweetnes
561- How Lemmy loved to play with our friends's Granny ( 92 years old) and give her a kiss and hug. So sweet.
562- A nice evening with friends for new years.
563- Warm welcomings
564- Amazing food
565- Fire works!!
566- How Lemmy kept on saying: more fireworks!! A big one!! High on the sky!! Bravo Bravo!! :)
567- Lemmy made us laugh so much with the things he comes up with!
568- The most delicious blueberry's muffins I ever tasted! ( I had 4)
569- Lemmy is so easy going
570- Being able to stay the night at our friends home,and enjoy another full day with them the next day.
571- Welcoming 2011
572- New dreams, new hopes.
573- The start of a new proyect.
574- We all got haircuts.

Lemmy's first haircut ever!!!!! :(

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