Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Our God

Lemmy is growing so quickly! I can't believe how much he talks and communicates!
I read that a baby who grows up in a bilingual home, would take longer to speak. But He surely increases his vocabulary every day!!
We just got back from a family holiday to Spain. It was a blessing to spend time with family, though the weather was not very nice since we got there :(.
Lemmy learned the word: pasear. Every day would point to the door and said : pasear pasear. He learned to call my sister: tia Adriana, or Adri or just Tia.
Special gift, he told me: te amo mama on my birthday!! :)
Every new word that he learns he says it over and over and over, with a huge smile on his face, knowing that he accomplished something new.

Today we were playing a game with some balls of different colors and say the word Rojo, very clear! That is a hard word to say in spanish!
Rojo rojo rojo rojo rojo
Some time later he wanted me to play the guitar and sing some songs. I started with some children spanish songs, then moved to some worship song: Awesome God (one of his favorites since he was a tiny baby) . After a while I was gonna put the guitar away when Lemmy kept insisting on me singing and playing more. Otra Otra ( another another) and then when I was about to sing another children song, he says: no no, our God !!! It was sooo sweet!
My heart rejoices every time I hear a new word from his lips!

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