Sunday, 27 March 2011

iheartfaces - slice of life-

 We were walking into the forest with our friend Duncan who was carrying Lemmy on his shoulders. Suddenly I looked around and I watched how my son was slowly falling sleep...that surely wasn't very comfy! I love this moment :)

Monday, 14 March 2011

iheartfaces - sun flare- flare-

I love what natural sunflares can do!! This is Vikki way over due!!!


759- Finished another book!
760- Starting a new book
761- Lemmy's exclamation when he saw the trains all line up under the tv table ( I put them there for the 1st time when I was clearing up) WOW, MAMA, Que hermoso!!!!!!! ( wow, mama, how beautiful) it was super sweet
762- Lemmy is now also praying right before every nap for family under his own steam
763- My niece turned 17!
764- A surprise gift for Lemmy in the post
765- Lemmy got so excited to get 2 cars for his collection ( Car's Disney) that he didn't have
766- Lemmy screaming with joy: Que hermoso regalito!!! ( what a beautiful gift)
767- Thankful for the Leicester Vineyard pastors who were so thoughtful and kind to us
768- I had such great 2 days with Lemmy while daddy was away
769- A fun time with Marc when he got home
769- The sun is shining more and more each day :)
770- Lemmy is getting really good at drawing.I was very impressed.He was never into it and suddenly he can draw people and very creative things!
771- Lemmy loves milk!

A motorbike whale

More milk please?

He loves milk!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Monday, 7 March 2011


Two weeks of blessings

732- I love ordering prints
733- Lemmy draw me a black tiger and 2 "m M "from mama -just like those!- I was over the moon!
734- Catching up with all my backing up
735- Enjoying " cool runnings" for the first time with Marc
736- Good news
737- Lots of work
738- Good times playing with Lemmy
739- I was cold and Lemmy brought me a blanket and a pillow for my back
740- Snuggles, kisses, cuddles and stories before bed
741- Lemmy's contanst prayers for family and friends every night
742- Sun coming through my window
743- Lots of prints to deliver
744- More Creative Arts for Lemmy
745- Lunch a the cafe with lots of toys and friends
746- Lemmy and Ella playing with a doll, it was the sweetest thing!
747- My shootsac arrived!!!
748- God's timing
749-More goodies on the mail
750- Lots of work
751- Listening to Marc's lullaby's
752- Our 6th wedding Anniversary!
753- Lots of chocolates
754- The words of my beloved
755- 6 years together with the love of my life
756- Lemmy was such an amazing boy at the restaurant
757- A good book
758- Lemmy's kisses in the morning

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