Saturday, 18 May 2013

bluebells - Portrait Photographer Bedford-

 I used to live in a beautiful place in Harpenden, where once a year in a forest near by, the bluebells would show up creating a mantel of blue. Funnily enough for the first 4 years I never saw them! Once I discovered them, I would go up every year and take some photos of the beautiful view.

We live a bit far from there now, but we found a gorgeous place near home covered with lovely bluebells, the pathways, the colours, everything seems utterly from a magical world.
The first time we went to check them up, it was a super windy day and I took only a few photos as we looked around.

On the 13 of May, it was my husbands birthday, and he wanted to go back as well as me to take more photos! The day was cloudy, raining as well as windy! But, we managed a few photos.

Marc loves the nature, loves to walk with Lemmy and they play so well, imagining they are chasing dragons, looking for treasures and so on. Into the wild. Lainey loves to be out and about, she likes to touch and feel the flowers, she observes her every surounding and tries to lick the wind.

There's something about nature that refreshes your being, your soul. Seeing what has been made brings us into a real connection with the maker.

Good times!

    She did not stop chatting away!!

      My cheeky piglet!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!!!!!

 About to head home before we get all wet,  Marc took a few photos of me with my girl by the car park.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

My 4 year old

I tend to procrastinate for many reasons. When it comes to writing, I always end up with so much that then, it takes me longer to post anything. There's a few drafts waiting…so, for the moment I thought I would share some photos I took the other day.

I don't remember when was the day that suddenly my boy started to cover his face for photographs, running away from the camera or being super silly. He used to love it, he used to ask me : I made a tower, take a photo mummy, I made a poo, take a photo mummy and I did! Sometimes he still asks me to take photos of an angry bird, another bigger tower, a drawing... but not so much with him in it :(. I do love natural photos of daily things that I want to remember, only now and then I have a few more formal ones, but I do tend to love the sponteneous ones better, they carry so much emotion, so much life.
Since Lainey was born, I had a new model to go crazy with photos without holding back, without a hand in front of the face! So, guess what?  I started to hear : mummy, can I be in the photo? can you take a photo of me now? and so I did! Those moments don't usually last more than a few minutes, so I need to make the most of it!

My wonderful sweet 4 year old boy, almost 5! I adore you every day more and more. You surprise me daily. Now, we can sit and talk, you have so many questions, you are searching, learning new things, wanting to grow. In the mist of all the questions about Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, there's so many things we don't have yet the answers for, and so we say I don't know, then you said as a matter of fact : God is the biggest mistery of it all. And there you have your answer. You are full of jumping beans inside of you! SO much energy all day long! You get excited for so many things, small and big. Today you were jumping up and down because mummy made you an ice cream ( frozen bananas, a bit of milk and a pintch of cinammon) mmm this is soo delicious!! Mummy, this is the best ice cream ever! wow, I can eat it for ever and ever, I can't stop making the sounds mmm mmm mmm…it's impossible tasty..and so on and on!
It made me so happy to see him soo happy. He is so thankful for everything. He is quick to forgive, quick to extend grace, quick to say : Don't worry mummy, it was an accident ( if I drop something in the floor and I got a bit upset ) He enjoys life, he lives it to the full. He is so thoughtful, he picks flowers on the way to the park for me, he says things like : if that flower was turquise (my fav colour) then I will give it to you mummy. He loves to be silly and make silly jokes. He adores and looks after his baby sister like no one I ever known! It's almost as if he has the best of Marc and the best of me….yes, ok, nobody is perfect but this entry it's all about him. My first son, who came into my life as a beautiful gift from above and I treasure him daily. I could write and write so much about him, so many things I don't ever want to forget, the days pass and I realise that I already forgot the clever comment he made the other day or the amazing words he spoke about me. Yes, I forget, and I don't carry a note book around the house, maybe I should?!

Ok, Here is Lemmy. 2nd of May being himself!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A change of athmosphere

24 of April 2013

Since we had Lainey, we had to adjust to a lot. Everything took longer, house chores started to pile up more and more….life got a lot busier all of the sudden! Wonderful busier.

Now that Lainey is almost 6 months old, she engages a lot more with play, has more awake time and a bit more of a routine  going.Today, after Marc left for his staff meeting, Lainey was asleep on her chair. I took some time to have a cup of tea with toast, together with Lemmy, we chatted.

After Lainey woke up and had her feed, we went upstairs and read lots of the books that Lemmy chose last night for his bed time stories ( which I didn't get to read as he fell asleep before I went into the room)

Then, I took Lainey to her room. My mum stayed there for almost 3 months and though we put Lainey to play in her cot a few times a day, we hardly spend any time there. I'm trying for her to start getting used to her surroundings there, so she can start sleeping there during nap times and later on at night times. We did the same with Lemmy, and it worked wonders.

I took a few of Lemmy's baby toys out and sat her in front of them. Lemmy came soon after with his own blanket and put some toys there too.

I said, hey why we don't sing some songs?! yeah, Lemmy said. We started with la cucaracha ( his request), el payaso plin plin, a few Argentinian classics. He was into it, we were all using some instruments, including Lainey with the shaker. Then, I said Let's worship God! We started to sing some worship songs together.

Suddenly our time turned into our own special little church :). After we worshiped, we had a time of thanksgiving.

Lemmy gave thanks that he likes Angry birds, the clouds, and our baby.

I then prayed for a few family members that don't know Jesus yet, and Lemmy pray for Lainey " That she will get to know Jesus when she grows up"

Lemmy wanted to also pray for gifts that he would like to recieve ( a new star wars guy, a bad one )

Then, I told him how to be friends with someone you need not to just talk and talk but it's very important to listen as well. Like mummy and daddy are best friends, imagine if only one of us do all the talking ! Then, it won't be much of a friendship, right? So, we had a moment of silence to hear what God had to say to us.

After a little while, Lemmy said: I want to say what God told me! " He said, I'm silly" And Jesus said I'm silly too…we both laugh. Lemmy it's really into being silly to make us laugh:)  and I said, That may be because God is funny!

Lemmy wanted to know what God told me. He said, He loves me, I told him. Lemmy then said: " that means that God is wonderful!!"

Usually in the mornings I'm a bit grumpy, sleepy and tired I must admit. Since I was little I grew up waking up at almost noon, going to school after lunch, having late nights…bla bla. Meaning that no matter if I had a good night sleep or not, mornings are just hard! I'm more awake at night, I'm more efficient at night…no matter the amount of sleep I had the night before, night time is where things can get done faster and when I can engage better!

But today, the way we started our half morning, changed the athmosphere. It was amazing. I was happier, I felt refreshed. Lemmy suddenly started helping me in whatever I was doing. First he put all the baby clothes in the line, then helped me to pair the dry socks and put them away, then pick all the trousers and jeans to be washed and put them in the laundry machine. He used to be that helpful when he was 1, 2 and 3…but for a while he hasn't been that interested in house chores ( with that much excitment!) It was so sweet, he put all the toys that didn't belong in the living room, dinner room, hallway..etc back to where they came from and so on. Marc told me, wow , what a little bit of worship and prayer can do, hey!
I would like to incorporate this family gatherings more into our life, I hope we can do it often, just spontenously like it happened today. Lemmy has been so hungry for God, to know more of Jesus, that has been so refreshing to watch. We never pushed anything onto him, and just all by himself he's started to discover the truth.

For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. -Jesus (mathew 7:8)

A photo of Lainey that day before we started to sing. Taken with my phone on Instagram.

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