Monday, 20 June 2011

iheartfaces - Let's hear it for the boys!-

The two boys in my life. My two big loves. I like this photo so much because even though it looks as if I told them to sit in that rock and pose, that wasn't the case. Marc and Lemmy were playing and then sat for a "rest". I was taking photos of their playing time and then I capture this moment that only lasted a second. First Marc sat, then Lemmy followed him and sat next to him, both looked at me. Lemmy still holding the stick. To this day ( this was just 1 year ago) Lemmy loves that photo! I have it in a huge frame at home. It is very special.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

-a day of fun-

22 of April

It's easter holidays. Lots of fairs going around. When Lemmy was 1 year old we took him to the same fair. I wanted to take him now that he is almost 3. Lots of fun things to do : rides, big slides, trampoline, petting chicks and bunnies among other things. Once we did everything, we headed to the park for a pic nick, swings, scooter rides and more.

So, let the fun began!

Again daddy!! Otra vez! 

                                                              Checking out a little bug

                                                      He is getting into photography :)

                                                             Photo taken by Lemmy.

                                                   I like to drug my scooter around.


-pic nick-

20 of April

I had some work at a studio with a friend. Marc was looking after Lemmy in a park near by. It was another lovely warm day. It felt almost wrong to be stuck inside a studio in such a lovely sunny day. The sunny warm days are so rare in England that I feel like I'm gonna missed out if I'm not out! But, at least the days are longer, so as soon as I finished we went for a short pic nick for dinner with my little family. It was a sweet time.


Lemmy playing with daddy while mummy works


Lemmy likes to give a bite to the sandwich, run around for a bit, cuddling with daddy,  and come back to the sandwich for another bite.


Lemmy showing an owie to daddy. His face! Note : Marc is not pushing him, he was about to hold him.:)


Lemmy found our receipt and is reading: it says papa! 

This is the life!

-London Zoo and Park-

19 of April

Around this time in England we had some lovely weather. When it comes, almost as a surprise, we must go out! So, London Zoo it was! My highlight was seeing the baby Gorilla :) I love Gorilla's and it was so sweet to see it up close. Since the Zoo closed quite early and it was still sunny and warm, we headed to the park near by. Lots of running. When daddy went to the car to get something,  I showed Lemmy a new game I used to play as a child. Lemmy loved the new game and when daddy came back, he proudly taught daddy how to play.

Let's see some photos of the day.

                                                          going around and around

                                              Lemmy is getting faster and faster!

                                              I love this moments and the sun-flares


                                                  Somebody didn't have much sleep!

                                                                       so peaceful

                                                                    Smack down!

                                               Lemmy's hugs are the best!

Life is passing by at an incredible speed lately. We must enjoy the little moments, savour each one of them to the max!

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