Friday, 27 May 2011

The bluebells wood

15 of April

Usually the bluebells come late in April or start of May. But this year they came earlier! I was so excited to try my new camera on our walk to the woods. The bluebells were at the primest! Lemmy had so much fun as he loves to be out, runing around, picking sticks...well, those things don't ever change for this little boy!
Here are some of my favourite photos of the day, and you can always check for more on my facebook page.

Thursday, 19 May 2011


From the 18 of April - 2 of May 2011

850- Helping daddy move his guitars and things into the studio, Lemmy enjoys the garden too.
851- More ZOO time, in London!!
852- Beautiful sunsets and lots of sunflares
853- More pic nics with my love ones
854- Watch a shoot at a studio with a fellow photog
855- Learning
856- New camera
857- New lens
858- Easter
859- Jesus's sacrifice of love
860- Farm animals to pet
861- Trampoline, giant slides, and lots more for Lemmy to enjoy at the easter fair!
862- Lots of afternoons at the parks, the sunshine is just warm and lovely!
863- Lemmy having tons of fun with toys at the church
864- Lunch at Costa's new cafe in Luton with my little family
865- Marc has lots of worship gigs
866- Lots of work for me
867- Worship at the vineyard lead by Marc and a group of friends
868- Lemmy washes tomatoes and is so helpful!
869- More sessions!
870- A great day in London, shooting, eating, and watching some expositions of great photographers.
871- Yummy scones made by Angela and Evy while watching the Royal Wedding
872- Beautiful kids to photograph
873- Lemmy had his dinner out in the balcony and loved it
874- Lemmy enjoyed painting ceramic eggs
875- A big clear/clean up time

Monday, 9 May 2011

Friday, 6 May 2011

Samuel-children photographer-Harpenden

Samuel is Kasia's little brother, who also loves to dance. I must say he has the most incredible clear blue eyes I had ever seen! Here are some fun photos of him showing some moves :)

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